Spirituality is expressed in common beliefs about the value and meaning of all life, a sense of connectedness to the Earth and a shared vision of the future. While Heifer International has its roots in the Church of the Brethren, the mission embraces people of all faiths, both as contributors and recipients.


It doesn't matter where you go (or don't go) to worship, all of the world's great religions call upon us to give. Contribute time, money, expertise and goodwill whenever you can.

Communities of Change

A Vacation Bible School Missions Project


Along with the attached photos, please find a simple, yet powerful, story of how even the youngest Heifer International supporters can make a big difference! "Dear Heifer International, On behalf of the Presbyterian United Church of Christ in LeMars, Iowa, I am writing with thanks for your wonderful organization! We had the privilege of using your cause and organization for our children's annual vacation bible school missions project. The students loved learning about all the ways you help families and communities. Our attendees raised over $500.00 to donate, and with the help of our church's Mission Commission, we recently donated in the amount of $630.00 to you!"


Generous Congregation Receives Ark Plaque

On Sunday November 17th, Linda McBee and I had the pleasure of going to Fort Bragg to present the pastor, Dan Fowler, and his congregation, with an Ark Plaque for their generous donation of $8,000 for a goat project in Nduma near Nairobi Africa. We were warmly welcomed by the church members and were each given a gift of a jar of ingredients to make a winter bean soup.


Emma Remembered Through Gift

My gift to Heifer is a gift to Emma as well. Flowers and cards seemed wrong, but I knew it was no coincidence that I thought of Heifer International to remember her by. I know her family will also appreciate it because the message Heifer spreads is one that they share.


Cornerstones: The Quintessential Way of Life

What is the significance of Cornerstones? Why are these given so much prominence? Vineeta Sharma, administrative officer for Heifer India, gives her thoughtful take on Heifer's 12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development.


Right on Target

I learned from the UN FAO report, The State of Food and Agriculture (2009) "Livestock in the Balance," that 40 percent of global farm income comes from livestock, and that 80 percent of the "undernourished" are rural! Clearly the Heifer project is right on target.


Thank You for All You Do

My husband and I have had a rough go at life over the past 10 years and in the quiet of the day or the night, I think of what you all do.


Benefit Concert Featuring the Joyful Noise!

The Joyful Noise! Gospel Choir is preparing traditional African music, spirituals, slave songs, and contemporary gospel and original music to raise money for the good work of Heifer International.


Sharing a Dream

I've always had this dream of buying a piece of land and starting a homestead on it. Nothing very big or grandiose but just a place where I could raise at least some of my own food and a few animals.


The Camera vs. The Cow

Peter shares his experience of a recent dilemma he calls "The Camera vs. The Cow." The experience taught him a lesson of striking a balance between serving our personal desires and needs and meeting the needs of so many others in this world who depend on our help in their times of need.


Bikers for Broccoli

United States of America

Big, sweet Dwight “Bubba” Smith is the Associate Pastor (Alan Rice is the Senior Pastor) of Crossfire, an admittedly unorthodox United Methodist Church.


Movin and Shakin in Bihar, India


Ladies from various Women's Groups in Bihar, India break it down and show us how it is done!


Purdue Service Learning Class Visits Heifer Haiti


Greetings, from Purdue University! Our names are Katelyn Jackson and Josey Holscher, and we are both senior students in Animal Sciences. We have been involved with Heifer International on Purdue’s campus for close to three years and since then we have