Genuine Need and Justice


Genuine Need and Justice


This Cornerstone helps guide Heifer's work so that we provide livestock and training to those with a genuine need. This means lacking adequate nutrition and money for medicine and education. In many cases, poverty is a result of discrimination and racism. Heifer seeks to facilitate justice by empowering those who are disenfranchised because of their ethnicity, sex or social status.


Genuine need exists everywhere, not just in developing countries. So does discrimination and bias. Be generous with your time and resources, and be mindful of respecting people from different backgrounds.

I cried on the plane because, despite so much that is wrong with our world, the desire to help one another burns in enough hearts to be a powerful force. People are living up to their duty of helping others and it is changing the world. I feel honored to be just one small part of that change.
Jane Maynard

Meredith Walker on Priorities


Priorities. They are sometimes easy to figure out, but many times they give us choices that seem to compete for what we would consider best. They become difficult for us personally, and feel even more difficult for us as a community, or a nation, or if we look far enough, they make the whole world a place to fight over priorities. Tough choices seem to just keep coming.


Hoof It for Heifer

United States of America

In 2012 we began a 20k trail run. Hoof It for Heifer is held on the Boy Scouts of America hiking trail in Petit Jean State Park atop Petit Jean Mountain near Morrilton, AR. The popularity of the run among trail runners has increased each year and with that we have been able to increase the amount we give to Heifer. We held our fourth run in April 2015 with 126 runners registered. Click the title of the story to read more...


Millburn Middle School's Global Peer Leader Outreach Program


Millburn Middle School from New Jersey through the PLOP Global Peer Leader Outreach Program organized an urgent fundraiser to respond to the needs of the Nepalese families who recently suffered two major earthquakes. Knowing the impact of their efforts and contributions, the students and staff wanted to become part of the solution to the countless problems derived from this natural disaster and raised a total of $1,298.72. The contribution was sent to the Heifer International headquarters who directed the money to Heifer International's Disaster Rehabilitation Fund for Nepal. The MMS/PLOP Global and their advisor, María Deraville, hope their contributions will alleviate to some degree the problems of the Nepalese families. Update: María notified Heifer International that their total actually amounted to $1,358.72!


Girl Scouts Make the World a Better Place

As an international organization, the origin of the donations we receive shouldn't surprise us but they frequently do! When we received a $120 check from a Girl Scout Daisy Troop located in Germany, it made the world seem a little smaller. Not only that, but the hard work and dedication the troop put into fundraising was incredibly inspiring...


Mayor's Youth Council Member Raises Money for Heifer

My name is Kaitlyn Akel, and I am a senior at North Little Rock High School and a member of the NLRMYC. I'm 17-years old. Recently, I held a massive community-wide bake sale with the help of the director of the North Little Rock Mayor's Youth Council, Jan Scholl, and several of the Council's kids in order to raise money to buy an animal or two to send overseas to a family in need. Click the title of this story to read more...


Power of 1 Project

At the beginning of April Heifer International's Public Relations Manager received 12 "letters of gratitude" from students at Yarmouth High School in Maine. Not wanting them to go unnoticed, she passed them along to When Cows Fly. Reading through each letter, we were compelled to learn more about the project. Here are some excerpts from the letters we received...


Annual Heifer Festival in Ohio Raises over $75,000

I first heard about Heifer in the late 90's when I had graduated from Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine and was practicing as a mixed-animal veterinarian in central Pennsylvania. (I am originally from Selma, Alabama.) One day as I was traveling my route doing my scheduled herd checks, checking cows for pregnancy, I noticed that farm after farm had missing farmers. This really was strange because my farmers hardly ever went on vacation. I finally asked where everyone was and was told that they had accompanied a shipment of heifers overseas for a group called Heifer International...


Phi Sigma Pi - Gamma Sigma Supports Heifer on Pi Day

This shirt is a fundraiser for Phi Sigma Pi - Gamma Sigma at Missouri State University. All the money raised will go to Heifer International to buy an animal for one of Heifer's project participants. Click the title of this story to read more...


Courage to Change

Last fall over 30 at-risk teens in the Courage to Change program in Denton, TX, raised over $800 for Heifer International’s Read to Feed Campaign. They learned that they can make a difference and bring awareness to world poverty and hunger through reading. They even wrote a rap about it! Click the title of this story to read more...


What Heifer Gifts Mean to Cole


Cole is hoping the rabbits and chicks that were donated in his name find a safe and happy home, preferably in Haiti. We thank you for the support you and your family have given Heifer International, Cole!


A Llama for Christmas

About mid-December Heifer International received a generous donation from New Freedom in Christ Church, located in South Dakota. Along with their donation, they included the featured photo and the following letter. We hope you find it as inspiring as we did! Click the title of this story to read more...


What Heifer Gifts Mean to Michael Henry

Michael Henry, a 5th grade supporter of Heifer International, drew this fantastic depiction of what Heifer gifts mean to him. We, too, believe that a world without hunger would look similar to this scene. Anyone fighting hunger is a superhero in Heifer's eyes!


Jiang Meide from China


Thanks to Heifer donors, Meide and her husband have been able to rebuild their lives after the devastating Sichuan earthquake.


Young Niece Inspires Giving

Ella was a lover of goats, passionate about protecting the environment and committed to the work of Heifer International. Click the title of this story to read more...


The Sound of Frogs


In May 2013, I was travelling to Cambodia with the Heifer team working on training their Community Animal Health Workers. Click the title of this story to read more...


Country Director Inspires Volunteer


Pat Sayer-Handley volunteers for Heifer International in Sacramento, CA, pictured here with Irene Muwanguzi, Country Director for Uganda. When asked why she volunteers with Heifer, here's what Pat said: "Living through the 60's, I learned to question the effectiveness of organizations carrying out their mission. So when I was introduced to Heifer International, I examied the organization carefully. Were the programs creating self-reliant women and families? Were the programs working to care for the earth? The answers were 'yes' and Irene's leadership has helped me further my understanding of the work of Heifer International. I continue as an ardent supporter of Heifer International."


HS West Environmental Club Raises Over $3,000 to Help the Impoverished

The Half Hollow Hills High School West Environmental Club is proud to announce that they were able to raise $3,010 to be donated to Heifer International, a nonprofit organization working to eradicate poverty and hunger through sustainable, values based holistic community development.


Regine and Justine: Cameroon Women Turn Things Around


Regine Ndjiwo, 55, and Justine Passo, 50, are members of Heifer projects in the western region of Cameroon, a little over nine miles from Heifer’s office in Bamenda. They are part of GIC APEB (Groupe d’Initiative Commune d’Apiculture et Eleveurs de Bamepah) created in Bamepah Village.

Communities of Change

1945 Program Participant Shares his Story


Meet Stanislaw Debert; at the end of 1945, Mr. Debert was the recipient of one of the 150 heifers sent by the Heifer Project to Poland on the SS Santiago Iglesias. In early October, I had the good fortune to sit and talk with him, his wife, and a daughter in their home near Gdansk about what that heifer meant to them. At the end of World War II when Europe was seething with displaced persons, Mr. Debert arrived in the area of Gdansk. He fled from Kielce on the roof of a train car with only the clothes he was wearing...