Genuine Need and Justice


Genuine Need and Justice


This Cornerstone helps guide Heifer's work so that we provide livestock and training to those with a genuine need. This means lacking adequate nutrition and money for medicine and education. In many cases, poverty is a result of discrimination and racism. Heifer seeks to facilitate justice by empowering those who are disenfranchised because of their ethnicity, sex or social status.


Genuine need exists everywhere, not just in developing countries. So does discrimination and bias. Be generous with your time and resources, and be mindful of respecting people from different backgrounds.


The Giving Garden, an Eagle Project, Benefits Heifer

Received in the beginning of December 2015, the below letter was sent into Heifer International from Pam Nemeth, proud mother of Jake Nemeth, co-founder of The Giving Garden and recently inducted Eagle Scout. There was no way we at Heifer were going to allow Jake's hard work and dedication to go unacknowledged. We'd like to allow Pam's words to tell you more about Jake's Eagle Project, so without further ado... (Click the title of this story to read more!)


Science Hill Friends Sunday School Gave Up Christmas Gifts for Heifer

Dear Heifer International, Enclosed are multiple checks for Heifer International. Thank you for allowing us to extend a helping hand. The kids in Science Hill Friends Sunday School class, grades four through six, wanted to make a difference in the world, if only a small one. This year, instead of exchanging gifts with each other, we chose to raise money for Heifer International. The class wanted to raise enough money to purchase a cow for a family in need. They all agreed theyw ould not receive a gift from their teacher and vise versa and their project would be funded with that money. They made pottery plates and filled them with homemade cookies and designed a tee shirt ("Because I gave up one Christmas gift a family is able to eat for a month!"). Pottery plates/cookies and tee shirts were sold for $10 each. One hundred percent of the proceeds were donated to Heifer International. Our church, Science Hill Friends agreed to match whatever we raised. We raised $560.00, therefore there are check enclosed totaling $1,120.00. We appreciate this opportunity to learn, share and be grateful. Thank you! Friends, Haven, Hgnat, Kara, Kaley, Annabelle, Silas, Mackenzie & Tammy Submitted by Tammy G.


Seagoing Cowboys Fly to Bolivia!


In 1969 Ralph Barnes, from Chatham, IL, a farmer and coordinator for Heifer International, called Austin Hulcher to see if he would take a load of cattle/heifers, to Miami, FL. Since the 1,400-mile trip would be non-stop, Austin called his good friend, Bud King, to help drive the truck. This trip meant loading up the heifers into a double decker trailer. The 47 heifers were chosen from prize winners at county fairs and the Illinois State Fair. Each of the heifers weighed between 600-800 pounds and were among prize winning stock. The cowboys were told the heifers would help to upgrade the stock in Bolivia, South America, where the cattle were pretty scrawny... Click the title of this story to read more!


The Generosity of a Chicago Medical Community Changes Lives

I received a Heifer catalog in the mail in October. I was struck with the idea of blessing a family on the other side of the world that I would never meet with a Christmas gift that could positively impact their lives; and I liked the idea of giving an actual animal--in my suburban Chicago life that is not the kind of gift we are accustomed to giving. I brought up the idea to my co-workers in the Palos Community Hospital Surgery and PACU departments and my fellow nurses, aides, supervisors, secretaries, and pharmacists all grabbed onto it and ran with it. Each payday we reminded each other to put aside just a little towards our goal of giving a Christmas cow. We kept a running tab of our donations on our “Heifer-ometer” in our staff lounge, and little by little we approached our goal. We passed the $500 mark in early December and my co-workers wanted to do more: “How much is a sheep--they give milk and wool, and how about chickens?” They just never stopped giving, and by Christmas we had decided to give a cow, sheep, pig, and 5 flocks of chicks with the $840 we all donated. I know that the world is a crazy place and that I can do little to change the violence that is so often in the news, but I couldn’t help but feel a little hope and joy that a bunch of unrelated people, who at times don’t even get along with each other, could come together and plant a little bit of peace in the world and do something together that we couldn’t accomplish individually. I was proud to be a part of it. May it continue in each of us. Rick Hultgen, RN Palos Community Hospital Surgery Department


Conneaut Elementary Learns About the Importance of Giving Back!

I am a first grade teacher. As a part of our unit on cultures and holidays around the world, the other two first grade teachers and I ask the children to donate THEIR money (from their piggy banks or from chores) toward a donation for livestock purchase. This year the first graders of Conneaut Elementary School in Bowling Green, Ohio raised $145 dollars and were able to donate one goat and one flock of chicks. This is a great opportunity for the students to learn how important it is to give back! Submitted by Shannon K.


Beatrice's Goat Continues to Impact Classrooms

Each year, our K-8 school does a service project. This November, our service project was to read and share the book, Beatrice’s Goat with each of the grades. The students were inspired by Beatrice’s story, as well as learning that their gift would bring lasting positive change to children and families around the world. They excitedly gave money towards the purchase of ducks, geese, chicks, rabbits, honeybees, pigs, goats, tree seedlings, a sheep, a water buffalo, and an irrigation pump with Heifer International. Thank you for providing a tangible way for young students to help make a positive difference in people’s lives around the world! Best wishes, Mrs. Hill Lamb of God School


Seven Hills Middle School Sells Scarecrows for Heifer

Ms. Julie Bair and her fifth grade class at Seven Hills Middle School in Nevada City, California designed and created scarecrows for the Scarecrows for Heifer service learning project to raise funds in benefit of Heifer International. Local businesses generously donate materials and a venue to sell the finished scarecrows. Ms. Bair has worked with students in the Nevada City Schools on scarecrow projects over many years to raise funds to support Heifer International’s mission of helping families. Hats off to Ms. Bair for her dedication to both Heifer and developing the next generation of donors!


The Sheep 'n Kids Club of Washington County, NY

Dear Friends, The Sheep 'n Kids Club of Washington County, NY would like to donate to Heifer International $120.00 to sponsor a sheep for a family in need. The members raised the funds this past year at their sheep to shawl public demonstrations showing all the steps involved in turning raw wool into woven or felted fabric. Below is a picture of the club showing off their t-shirts earned for their presentation to County Extension leaders. Community service is a large part of the 4-H experience and as stated in the 4-H pledge, the world is part of our community. We are pleased to be able to assist Heifer International make the lives of a family better. Sincerely, Margaret Brand, leader

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.
Robin Williams
Heifer for the Holidays

Terrence Chose a Basket of Hope

The featured card reads: "Three family members were given $50.00 to give to a cause that they wished to support. My son chose Heifer and wishes to buy a Basket of Hope. Blessings to the entire Heifer family worldwide. Jan R." Jan also included a quote from her son: "This Basket of Hope is sure to make any family happy and help them turn their hopes into realities. Terrence" We would like to thank Jan and her son, Terrence, for the thoughtful donation! We at Heifer International have found that donors come up with the most creative ways of donating. Each and every donation helps; together we have power over poverty and hunger!


Gwenneth Thanks Heifer for the Call


Dear Heifer, You may not have time to read the following and that's okay because mostly I have to write it for myself. Several days ago when I answered the phone, a gentle male voice identified himself as someone from Heifer International and informed me of the thousands of Heifer families (and others) who had nothing as a result of the Nepal earthquake. He asked me if I could send $600 now to help out. How I wished I could have done that. I explained that the only way I was able to send checks of several hundred dollars in the past was that my family was willing to give up their Christmas gifts so that I could send what they would have cost to Heifer. The caller then asked for something smaller and I had to tell him that I give away more than 10% of my income to four places and must stay within that guideline because there are so many worthy causes asking for help. He graciously thanked me for what I had done in the past and we both hung up. I could not forget the thought of those people in such hopeless conditions and for several days, the image of what life must be like for them stayed with me until I thought of a way to send just a very small check. If I withheld my weekly contribution to my church for just two weeks, expecting that we could delay the current repair or updating or mission project, I could send that to Heifer. So I want to thank your caller and the many like him who spend themselves asking people like me for help. Although I said "no" to his plea, it was he who planted the seed which took a few days to grow. Thank you to all who do so much at a sacrifice to themselves to help those in need. Sincerely, Gwenneth H.


More Than Donating Money for Sarah

Dear Heifer, I am very excited to donate my money. I have been saving up for more than a year and ended up with $127. I used to think I had a tough life, but looking at all the pictures in the catalog and reading their stories made me feel very lucky. It feels great to donate money to someone in need and even better to know you saved their family. Love, Sarah N.

The Sahel

Mission Network News: Youth in the Sahel face paralyzing poverty

Sahel (MNN) — A United Nations article states that up to 41 million youth in the Sahel region will face poverty, creating fertile ground for radicalization.

The Sahel

Pastoralists in Sahel Losing Their Way

Writer Jocelyn Edwards and photographer Anne Ackermann traveled to Burkina Faso for World Ark to interview pastoralist Fulani families about how the changing climate affects their livelihoods. We interviewed these families to show the challenges pastoralists in the region face.


Fulfilling Your Mitzvah to Help Others

Becoming a bar or bat mitzvah is significant, and Heifer International wants to be a part of your celebration. Join us at the Mitzvah Project Fair in Tarrytown, NY, on Sunday, November 22 or check out for A Guide for Choosing Heifer International as Your Mitzvah Project.


98% Free and Reduced Lunch Elementary School Donates to Heifer

Our students were so touched by the book Beatrice's Goat and the videos that they far exceeded our expectations! Even though our school is 98% free and reduced lunch, our students worked very hard to raise money to purchase three goats and three flocks of chickens rather than the one goat we had planned to purchase. Click the title of this story to read more!


Windy Ridge School's Feeding the World Class

World hunger is a huge problem! That's the first conclusion that the fourth and fifth grade students at Windy Ridge K-8, in a class called "Feeding the World," came to. The second conclusion was that it isn't an easy problem to solve either. Click the title of this story to read more!


You Did It For Me

December 26, 2014 (This was raised by) my fourth grade catechism class at St. Joseph's in South Lyon, MI after studying scripture... "When you were hungry and I fed you? Naked and I clothed you? Thirsty and I gave you to drink? "When you did it to the least of these, you did it for me." And they each scrimped and saved and came up with $100. Considering they are only six in number, I am so very proud of them. They wanted to send personal messages. I promised I'd send them along... Sincerely, Ann D.


A Goat Goes to the Zoo

On October 2, 2014, we received a letter from long time supporter Barbara of Ohio. Her letter was a response to a note she received from one of Heifer International's Donor Services Representatives, Christina. We wanted to hear what makes Barbara passionate about Heifer's mission. Click on the title of this story to read more!


A Cookie Sale Raises Awareness

Dear Heifer International, I'm happy to enclose a check for $200 raised by our first grade students through a cookie sale and family donations! Our students were very enthusiastic in the roles they played to help purchase animals for needy families.Their awareness of the needs of others was heightened and the realization that children can make a difference in our big world was made clear. Thank you for your assistance with our project! Sincerely, Mary Smith, First Grade Teacher