Full Participation


Full Participation


Virtually everyone in communities where Heifer works has something to contribute. Heifer calls everyone to the table, especially women living in cultures where they have traditionally been excluded or undervalued. Decisions affect everyone, and therefore must take everyone's opinions into account.


Think about who will be affected by the decisions you make, and be sure those people's perspectives are taken into account. And more broadly, remember that the fight to end hunger and poverty calls us all to action. Educate yourself. Reach out. Donate. Enlist your friends.


Fourth Generation Donors Carry on the Tradition

For four generations, Courtney Tanner-Bellows' family has donated to Heifer International. Recently Courtney, her sister Tiffany, and Tiffany's daughters decided that they wanted to donate a water buffalo to carry on the tradition. It took them a couple of years to raise the money, but they were able to raise enough to give a water buffalo, an irrigation pump, a flock of ducks and geese, a flock of chicks and a share of a pig! What makes this story extra special is that the Tanner-Bellows family own Creamery Brook Bison Farm!!


Deep River UCC Raises $5,000 for an Ark!

Deep River UCC of Deep River, CT raise $5,000 over 18-months! Congratulations Deep River UCC Sunday School! Click the title of this story to read more.


Coins Make a Big Difference

We are a Sunday School class of elementary kids at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Springfield, MO. We recently (finally!) saved $60 for rabbits. Enclosed is a photo of us and another of Carter demonstrating how we deposit our coins. Our bank has a lid that adds the total amount in the bank. We love to see those dollars and cents add up, so it inspires us to bring money as depositing it is fun. We also feel good about helping the cause. We are now saving for a flock of chicks. That should be easier--a third of $60! Sincerely, Janet Trotter, teacher


A Small School Creates Artwork for Heifer

Dear Heifer International, We are a small school of approximately 220 students in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We have been learning about the work you do for people who need assistance all over the world. We have been inspired by your work and we wanted to raise money to help in your worthy cause. We read books, created artwork and had an art auction on art night. We know it's not thousands of dollars, but we are proud of what we collected. We know you will put it to good use! Thank you for everything that you do! Love, Mrs. Myers and the students of Sylvan Heights Science Charter School


The Global Gateway Experience

I am in 5th grade and go to school at New Hope Christian Academy. We participated in the Global Gateway Experience. I thought it was incredible! When we arrived, we played a few games, but lunch was very important. Not everyone got enough food, but I did. Click the title of this story to read more!


Two Flocks of Chicks from a Special Day Class

Dear Heifer International, I am writing on behalf of my Special Day Class at O'Hara Park Middle School. The students are in grades 6 - 8 and have intellectual disabilities ranging from Downs Syndrome to autism. The students have collected recycling at lunch time and would like to use some of the proceeds from recycling to donate two flocks of chickens. The students are very excited to be involved in a project that benefits families in other places in the world. Not only does this serve as an opportunity for these students to learn about recycling, it allows them to participate in something that is larger than themselves. Sincerely, Susan MacPhail-Stephenson


Good Deeds for Goats

Dear Heifer International, I have the pleasure of being the representative for 12 families in Oak Park, IL, who participated in a homegrown program we called "Good Deeds for Goats." In November and December 2013 each family created its own strategy for how our children could help to earn money that would go toward a donation to your organization. Some families opted to contribute money each day as they reflected on how each family member made the world a better place. Others used it as a strategy to jumpstart taking responsibility and completing chores. Whatever the approach, each child involved had the opportunitiy to act and reflect in order to benefit families far away from here. We are proud to share our collective contribution of $360. With this donation we would like to give the gift of the following animals to families in need: - 2 Goats - 2 Honeybees - 3 Flocks of chicks Most sincerely, Alison Welch


Donna's Favorite Memories

I'm not a Facebook participant, but when I read the Facebook "favorite memories" in the current issue of World Ark, I had to share my favorite Heifer memory with you. Click on the title of this story to read more!

The work we do may be serious, but we always need to find the fun.
Pierre Ferrari, CEO of Heifer International
Projects & Families

The Penny Parade to Help Heifer International Continues

For the fifth year children attending Kids Summer Day Camp at the First Baptist Church in Girard have given their support to Heifer International by collecting their pennies. Click the title of this story to read more!


A Town Celebration Benefits Heifer International

On 13 July 2015, Ladd, Illinois, a town of 1,300, celebrated its 125th anniversary. We had an outdoor mass and the collection of $845 was designated for Heifer International. We reflected that the early, immigrant settlers made it possible for us to have what we have today. We felt this was a small way we could share with others and give the gift that keeps on giving.


Kiss the Cow

For the second straight year, our children at Brookhaven Elementary School have taken on the challenge of raising funds for Heifer International. We "upped the ante" by making the teacher from the top fundraising class "Kiss the Cow" at our annual Spring Carnival. Click the title of this story to read more...


Get your hair wet, Wendi


After cruising around for a bit and enjoying the beautiful scenery and wildlife, our captain docked the boat and told us all we could jump in and swim. Almost everyone from the group immediately sprinted to the side and cannonballed into the water like it was Caddy Day at Bushwood Country Club and they were allowed just 15 minutes to have fun before the Baby Ruth appeared. It was pretty great. I didn’t join them. Instead, I stood on the deck waving and smiling at everyone in the gorgeous water, and quickly decided it wasn’t something I could do.


School-Wide Service Project

I am happy to announce that after two weeks of hard work, our students from Preschool through 8th grade have raised $1,417.31 to give to Heifer International. This fundraising was a school-wide service project and we are very proud of the students! Click the title of this story to read more...


The Talk of the Town

The Ark became the conversational topic of the community. It offered our members a wonderful opportunity to spread the word of the fantastic work done by Heifer International. Click the title of this story to read more...


Hoof It for Heifer

United States of America

In 2012 we began a 20k trail run. Hoof It for Heifer is held on the Boy Scouts of America hiking trail in Petit Jean State Park atop Petit Jean Mountain near Morrilton, AR. The popularity of the run among trail runners has increased each year and with that we have been able to increase the amount we give to Heifer. We held our fourth run in April 2015 with 126 runners registered. Click the title of the story to read more...


Dares for Heifer International

Don Estridge High Tech Middle School recently held a "Dares for Heifer International" fundraiser at their end of year, school-wide pep rally. With $371.80 raised, Bruce Rich, 7th grade science teacher, accepted the students' dare, recruiting his wife, Wendy Graulich, to shave off his 21-year old mustache in front of the entire school! The student body was so thrilled that Bruce accepted the dare that teachers have expressed interest in performing dares at next year's year-end pep rally. Other teachers are interested in making the fundraiser a year-round event.


First Presbyterian Church of East Hampton is Raising Funds for Heifer Nepal


First Presbyterian is raising funds for the Heifer Nepal project participants affected by the recent earthquakes. We hope these eye-catching posters help them reach their goal! First Presbyterian can be reached at www.fpceh.org.


Center School Students Reach Their Goal

Center Elementary School reached an incredible fundraising goal of $10,000, or 219,851 minutes of reading, benefiting Heifer International as part of our Read to Feed program! Principal Donna Hutton bravely, and as promised, kissed a lizard in front of the entire school to commemorate their accomplishment. You can read more about their accomplishment at the following link: http://www.masslive.com/living/index.ssf/2015/04/longmeadow_principal_kisses_lizard_after_students_exceed_reading_goals.html. Congratulations to Center Elementary School's incredible students!


Three Little Pigs

What fun we had in Sunday School raising money for 3 Little Pigs for Heifer International during Lent this year! We are a small church, so our goal was to raise money for one pig but our colorful piggy banks inspired many givers. Each Sunday School student painted a small piggy bank and we lined them up under a bulletin board display featuring pigs colored by children of all ages. Even visitors were moved to give! Thank you for this opportunity, Heifer International!


Christmas in July

In July of 2014, the Presbyterian Women of First Presbyterian Church in Pensacola, FL put together their time and effort to raise funds for Heifer International. The first paragraph of their initial fundraiser flier used to call congregants to give reads: "Presbyterian Women of First Presbyterian Church are committed to helping others by extending a hand up rather than a handout. Their goal is to collect $5,000 to fill an ark for Heifer International in the month of July."


Annual Heifer Festival in Ohio Raises over $75,000

I first heard about Heifer in the late 90's when I had graduated from Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine and was practicing as a mixed-animal veterinarian in central Pennsylvania. (I am originally from Selma, Alabama.) One day as I was traveling my route doing my scheduled herd checks, checking cows for pregnancy, I noticed that farm after farm had missing farmers. This really was strange because my farmers hardly ever went on vacation. I finally asked where everyone was and was told that they had accompanied a shipment of heifers overseas for a group called Heifer International...