Full Participation


Full Participation


Virtually everyone in communities where Heifer works has something to contribute. Heifer calls everyone to the table, especially women living in cultures where they have traditionally been excluded or undervalued. Decisions affect everyone, and therefore must take everyone's opinions into account.


Think about who will be affected by the decisions you make, and be sure those people's perspectives are taken into account. And more broadly, remember that the fight to end hunger and poverty calls us all to action. Educate yourself. Reach out. Donate. Enlist your friends.

The Sahel

Field Update: Information Collected

Collection of information from all three communities complete! Using an innovative, practical methodology developed by Fundación Paraguaya, Poverty Stoplight.

The Sahel

Field Update: The Location

There are a number of reasons we chose the Sahel for this prototype, including the people we work with and the relationships we're building.


Science Hill Friends Sunday School Gave Up Christmas Gifts for Heifer

Dear Heifer International, Enclosed are multiple checks for Heifer International. Thank you for allowing us to extend a helping hand. The kids in Science Hill Friends Sunday School class, grades four through six, wanted to make a difference in the world, if only a small one. This year, instead of exchanging gifts with each other, we chose to raise money for Heifer International. The class wanted to raise enough money to purchase a cow for a family in need. They all agreed theyw ould not receive a gift from their teacher and vise versa and their project would be funded with that money. They made pottery plates and filled them with homemade cookies and designed a tee shirt ("Because I gave up one Christmas gift a family is able to eat for a month!"). Pottery plates/cookies and tee shirts were sold for $10 each. One hundred percent of the proceeds were donated to Heifer International. Our church, Science Hill Friends agreed to match whatever we raised. We raised $560.00, therefore there are check enclosed totaling $1,120.00. We appreciate this opportunity to learn, share and be grateful. Thank you! Friends, Haven, Hgnat, Kara, Kaley, Annabelle, Silas, Mackenzie & Tammy Submitted by Tammy G.


Seagoing Cowboys Fly to Bolivia!


In 1969 Ralph Barnes, from Chatham, IL, a farmer and coordinator for Heifer International, called Austin Hulcher to see if he would take a load of cattle/heifers, to Miami, FL. Since the 1,400-mile trip would be non-stop, Austin called his good friend, Bud King, to help drive the truck. This trip meant loading up the heifers into a double decker trailer. The 47 heifers were chosen from prize winners at county fairs and the Illinois State Fair. Each of the heifers weighed between 600-800 pounds and were among prize winning stock. The cowboys were told the heifers would help to upgrade the stock in Bolivia, South America, where the cattle were pretty scrawny... Click the title of this story to read more!


The Generosity of a Chicago Medical Community Changes Lives

I received a Heifer catalog in the mail in October. I was struck with the idea of blessing a family on the other side of the world that I would never meet with a Christmas gift that could positively impact their lives; and I liked the idea of giving an actual animal--in my suburban Chicago life that is not the kind of gift we are accustomed to giving. I brought up the idea to my co-workers in the Palos Community Hospital Surgery and PACU departments and my fellow nurses, aides, supervisors, secretaries, and pharmacists all grabbed onto it and ran with it. Each payday we reminded each other to put aside just a little towards our goal of giving a Christmas cow. We kept a running tab of our donations on our “Heifer-ometer” in our staff lounge, and little by little we approached our goal. We passed the $500 mark in early December and my co-workers wanted to do more: “How much is a sheep--they give milk and wool, and how about chickens?” They just never stopped giving, and by Christmas we had decided to give a cow, sheep, pig, and 5 flocks of chicks with the $840 we all donated. I know that the world is a crazy place and that I can do little to change the violence that is so often in the news, but I couldn’t help but feel a little hope and joy that a bunch of unrelated people, who at times don’t even get along with each other, could come together and plant a little bit of peace in the world and do something together that we couldn’t accomplish individually. I was proud to be a part of it. May it continue in each of us. Rick Hultgen, RN Palos Community Hospital Surgery Department


Cullman City Primary School Classroom Reads Nearly 500 Books

I am happy to report that my first grade class raised $300 for our Read to Feed Christmas outreach project and read nearly 500 books. My big-hearted children did this in lieu of exchanging gifts with each other and some gave that money toward the program. Through their efforts, we were able to purchase 2 llamas which will provide annual income for 2 or more needy families in other countries. We learned about the various resources/animals available for purchase through Heifer throughout this process and about some of the children who have benefited from it across the globe. My class has been doing this for 5 years and loving it every year! Submitted by Casey Grier


Kid Bucks Create a Large Donation

Ms. Ferry’s first grade class, along with 5 other first grade classes, listened to the story Beatrice’s Goat and wanted to do something to help villages like Beatrice’s. We performed services at home to earn “kid bucks” that we could bring back to school. Once we earned 100 kid bucks, our teacher sent a goat to a village in need through Heifer International. Altogether, the first grade classes at our school were able to send TEN goats! After earning our kid bucks, students wrote about their experiences and services they performed to earn their kid bucks. Their pages were put together into a book that is now published in our hallway. This is a picture of our board where we kept track of how many goats we earned. We also made books about how we earned our goats. We hope our goats help many families! Submitted by Marissa Ferry, Ashleigh Barraco & Laura Atkinson


The Sheep 'n Kids Club of Washington County, NY

Dear Friends, The Sheep 'n Kids Club of Washington County, NY would like to donate to Heifer International $120.00 to sponsor a sheep for a family in need. The members raised the funds this past year at their sheep to shawl public demonstrations showing all the steps involved in turning raw wool into woven or felted fabric. Below is a picture of the club showing off their t-shirts earned for their presentation to County Extension leaders. Community service is a large part of the 4-H experience and as stated in the 4-H pledge, the world is part of our community. We are pleased to be able to assist Heifer International make the lives of a family better. Sincerely, Margaret Brand, leader

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.
Robin Williams

Penny Sunday at Zion UCC

Dear friends at Heifer International, We are a small church in rural Indiana that first supported the Heifer Project in 1960 when the church and Sunday School, as part of a special mission project, raised $358.00, and the pastor, George Knapp, personally went with the heifers on the ship that delivered them that summer! Our Sunday School began having "Penny Sunday - Kids Helping Kids" 19 years ago, raising money for different mission projects each year, and as recently as 2006, Heifer International has been one of them. Once again over the past year, the children have collected $2,000.00 from our small but amazingly generous congregation. (The enclosed picture of our church family was taken at our Rally Day in September.) We have learned many things about Heifer International, not the least being what a "heifer" is! (Okay, some of us were not raised on one of the surrounding farms and only knew there were "girl" cows and "boy" cows!) Anyway, we hope that this amount will help provide two Milk Menageries or whatever is needed most by kids somewhere. Yours truly, Laura Claus Penny Sunday Person


Holy Spirit Catholic Church Donates Their Thirteenth Ark!

July 6, 2015 Enclosed, please find checks totaling $5,407. As we have done the past eleven years, Holy Spirit used the Lenten and Easter seasons to raise money and awareness of world hunger by donating money to Heifer International for the purchase of an "Ark." During this period of time, the parishioners of Holy Spirit have contributed over $65,000 in support of projects, activities, and programs sponsored by Heifer International. Parishioners were encouraged to donate the money they would have otherwise spent based on their Lenten sacrifice. If someone gave up coffee for Lent, we suggested they take the money they would have spent and donate it to Heifer. In addition, our Christian Formation Program (religious education for our school-aged children) held their second annual end of year carnival and contributed over $1,800 of the total listed above. On behalf of the parishioners at Holy Spirit, I would like to thank you for your continued efforts in alleviating world hunger and of truly living the Gospel message "I was hungry and you fed me." May God continue to bless your work and the ministry of Heifer International. Peace, Deacon Rich Akins


Pennies Make a Bigger Impact than Anticipated

Dear Heifer, Enclosed is a check from the Chidlren of First Christian Church, Louisburg, KS, in the amount of $501.42! The children collected pennies over the course of several months, 6 months at least, and with the help of one of our adult Sunday School classes, this was the amount they collected! As they always do, before they started this latest round of penny gathering, they voted on what animal they would like to make available to a family and the winner of their vote this time around was Heifer! Imagine that! We keep Heifer International in our prayers and thank God for what you do to help all of God's children. Sincerely, The Children of First Christian Church Sandy Harris, Jr. Minister Shortly after this letter was received When Cows Fly Coordinator Amy Dieringer reached out to Sandy to learn more about the fundraiser. Years ago, the church donated a camel for $850. For the past 3 or 4 years, the church has held a fundraiser, tracking progress through a chart displayed for the entire congregation to see. Sandy and her congregation believe fundraising is an essential part of worship.


15 Days of Random Acts of Kindness

There is a history behind this donation. The second and third grade class at Terrace Elementary School in Richardson, TX each won $100 from our Altrusa International, Inc. of Richardson, TX Club as a reward for winning the "15 Days of Random Acts of Kindness" challenge the school held earlier this year. They personally selected what animals they wanted to donate. The children had so much fun picking which animals to select and were so excited to receive the opportunity to help others to create a better world. We are giving them your animal buttons and stickers to give them additional recognition. Thank you for sending them to us. Thank you, Jane Tucker International Relations Committee Co-Chair Althrusa International, Inc. of Richardson, TX


A Donor Takes the Time to Thank Heifer

For the past six years, freshmen at Ottawa Township High School in Ottawa, IL have participated in a project in which they are challenged to come up with a solution to poverty, hunger and access to clean water. This is part of the World History curriculum. Students are required to research organizations that address these issues both locally and globally. During the 2014-15 school year, freshmen raised $10,874.07 for charities, volunteered almost 500 hours, reached over 5000 people with public service announcements and donated hundreds of pounds of food. This project allows students to realize the impact and influence they have in changing people's lives for good. Click the title of this story to read Lynn's letter to Heifer International.

The Sahel

Mission Network News: Youth in the Sahel face paralyzing poverty

Sahel (MNN) — A United Nations article states that up to 41 million youth in the Sahel region will face poverty, creating fertile ground for radicalization.