Participants in Heifer projects, including Heifer staff, partner organizations and the communities being helped, are mutually accountable to each other and must work together to achieve common goals. Heifer provides livestock, supplies, expertise and support, while project participants reciprocate with hard work and a pledge to pass on what they learn and receive.



We're all part of communities, from the family level to the global level, so we must be accountable for the resources we use and the actions we take. Taking responsibility for our place in the world can take many forms: Recycling, volunteering and taking a genuine interest in the people and happenings around you are just a few. Make a list of ways you can be accountable to your family, friends and community and refer to it throughout the year.

Projects & Families

Clarendon Hills Church Hosts Family Farm Fest

People and farm animals filled the parking lot Saturday of Church of the Holy Nativity for its 10th annual Family Farm Fest. Along with providing the opportunity for families to get up close to, and learn about, a variety of live farm animals, the event supports Heifer International... Please click the title of the story to read more!


One Honey of an Idea - Tokach Family Continues to Touch Lives Through Beekeeping

One sweet gesture by one 4-H family in Dickinson County, Kansas, has bloomed onto a global scale. In three years, the Tokach family of Abilene, Kansas, has raised enough donations through their 4-H beekeeping project and their small batches of honey to donate 165 honeybee hives through Heifer Project International. That’s $4,950 worth of honeybees that are donated to villagers around the world who are trying to change their lives. Please click the title of the article to read more!


2nd Graders at Kyrene del Cielo Show Compassion for Families in Ecuador

Dear Heifer International, We are students in Miss DeMerell's second grade class in Chandler, Arizona. We earn class money each week for things like showing role model behavior, performing our class jobs, and reading minutes... Please click the title to read the full letter!


Throwback Thursday - Goat Herd Grows During Shipment

A supporter of Heifer International recently shared an article from the Omak Chronicle, written on August 1st, 1968. "I left with 40 goats and delivered 41," remarked county agent Gordon (Woody) Woodrow. Please click the title to read the rest of the Newspaper article!


Sixth Graders at Northstar Middle School Study About Poverty and Hunger

I am so very proud of my sixth grade social studies students! We have been collecting money in hopes of purchasing one goat for $120.00 through Heifer International. This goat will help a family become self-reliant and change its future... Please click the title of the story to read more!


First and Eighth Graders Team Up to Buy Chicks

Dear Heifer International, I am the first grade teacher at St. Bridget School in Manchester, CT. The past few years, I have done the Read to Feed service project with my class. I am writing you this letter because this enclosed gift of $60, raised specifically for three flocks of chicks to help bring some families out of poverty, is very special... Please click the link below to read more...


A Cause for Christmas

Family donates water buffalo as holiday gift... Click the title of this story to read more!


Large Family Bands Together to Donate to Heifer

Shared with permission from Noreen Lewis of New Mexico. This letter was sent to loved ones on her "special Christmas list" before the holiday season began. "...I asked the organization to send me a catalog for each of you. Having your own catalog, you can see for yourself what we've done." Click the title of this story to read more!

Field Update: Empowerment and Collaboration

A timeframe of about a month is given to the communities to absorb, reflect, and incubate all the processes they have gone through thus far.

Abdoul and Fatou

Abdoul and Fatou proudly display their certificates after completing the training in Heifer’s holistic community development approach, the 12 Cornerstones.


Proud Aunt Shares Her Giving Story

Dear Heifer, I started a tradition for my family. Two Christmases in a row I ended up in the hospital and I was unable to shop for my family or extended family. That created my tradition; I now mail my gift budget to Heifer and I send Heifer (honor) cards to each extended family member. This year I asked the parents to be sure to let the kids know where their gift went. My nephew really was impressed but thought I should buy a water buffalo. His name is Jasper and he went door to door in his neighborhood and raised $87.00. Because my check had already been mailed his folks mailed it to Heifer and requested it go to education. I was so proud of him! Sincerely, Merodie N. Aunt of Jasper, age 8