Beyond Hunger: Communities of Change

For 70 years, Heifer International has been finding solutions to hunger and poverty. We've had an impact in more than 125 countries and through 20.7 million families.

But there is still work to do. Our communities are creating change. Together, we have power over hunger and poverty; we can move to a world beyond hunger. Together, we're providing resources, empowering women and improving the environment every day.

We are fueling the social change that will help us end hunger and poverty — and you can help.

Heifer is hosting events across the country as part of our "Beyond Hunger: Communities of Change" series. You can see the calendar of events and register for them online. Join us in celebrating Heifer's legacy of creating social change.

Communities of Change

Bees for Bach

As a musician, and oboe teacher at the University of Arkansas, I wanted to find a way to help people in need through music. Every year, I join with my colleagues from the University--Dr. Moon-Sook Park, Dr. Robert Mueller, Dr. Tomoko Kashiwagi, Dr. Er-Gene Kahng, and Dr. Lia Uribe--and we present a concert called "Bees for Bach" with our music students from the University of Arkansas. The concert is at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Fayetteville, and the students all learn some music by Bach to present to the audience. Members of the audience donate to Heifer International for the gift of beehives. This year we raised $948 to send to Heifer--enough for the gift of over 30 sets of bees! The best part of the experience is helping the music students learn that they can use their art in this way. - Theresa D.

Communities of Change

Joyful Noise

"We excitedly share the amount of a 'Gift Ark' from our 'Joyful Noise' collection! Our congregation supports us as we learn to be God's servants by our participation in the church service with the collection of their coins once a month. We use this offering as an on-going service project to help those in need. Thank you for accepting our gift to support your mission! The children of Glossbrenner United Methodist Church"

Communities of Change

Sonoma/Napa Volunteers Increase Heifer's Visibility

Heifer International volunteers may be small in number but have accomplished large things. A recent example was participating in the Heirloom Seed Expo at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California.

Communities of Change

Real World Survivor

Our students study ethics with issues of Global Poverty and Hunger through discourse on the Millennium Development Goals. It is a Keystone course for Webster's Global Citizenship program.

Communities of Change

East Hampton Church Celebrates Mother's Day Heifer Style

Can you think of a more appropriate day to kick off the Heifer Project than Mother’s Day? Heifer is all about mothers, mothers and their babies. Heifer mothers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from tiny, little fish to….well, big mothers with udders like me. Have you ever seen a finer specimen?

Communities of Change

Builders Club Holds Heifer Lock-In

In January of 2014, my Builders Club students decided that they wanted to do a new service project. Several students had heard of Heifer International before; one even had a donation made on her behalf for a gift. After a bit of research, the club decided that this was a project worth carrying out.

Communities of Change

Rochester Church Raises Money to Donate Water Buffaloes

Late in October 2013, the Sunday School decided to raise money to buy a water buffalo for Heifer as a Christmas present. Barb Oakes, a Heifer volunteer in the area, attended their services in December and offered a challenge: if they raised enough money for two water buffaloes, she would match them.

Communities of Change

Students at Saint Ann's Episcopal Church Raise Money for a Llama!

Our Christian Education students of Saint Ann's Episcopal Church of Sayville, NY hosted our first Outreach Mission Project. After several weeks of discussing Heifer International in Sunday school, the younger students chose its animal of choice, a llama, as its goal purchase.

Communities of Change

1945 Program Participant Shares his Story


Meet Stanislaw Debert; at the end of 1945, Mr. Debert was the recipient of one of the 150 heifers sent by the Heifer Project to Poland on the SS Santiago Iglesias. In early October, I had the good fortune to sit and talk with him, his wife, and a daughter in their home near Gdansk about what that heifer meant to them. At the end of World War II when Europe was seething with displaced persons, Mr. Debert arrived in the area of Gdansk. He fled from Kielce on the roof of a train car with only the clothes he was wearing...

Communities of Change

Pancakes for a Cause

We held a Pancake Supper at our church to raise funds and awareness of Heifer. The children learned about what Heifer does, designed posters, and came up with fun ideas including having a pancake race...

Communities of Change

Community Comes Together to Celebrate Passing on the Gift!

What happens when a very local, grassroots organization (the Wylde Center- Oakhurst Community Garden in Decatur, Georgia) collaborates with an international nonprofit like Heifer International? Add goats, chickens, a full-petting zoo area, face painting and music from local bands, including a "Kid Band" called Route 41 to other educational tables telling the story of Heifer and, voila...

Communities of Change

McAuliffe Elementary School Participates in Read to Feed

McAuliffe Elementary used the Read to Feed program by Heifer International to help change the world.

Communities of Change

Jog for a Hog Fundraiser

Galloway School 1st and 2nd graders near Atlanta hosted a Jog for a Hog fundraiser. The kids are getting pledges from their parents for running laps around a track. “What the parents don’t know is that the track is very small, so the kids can make lots and lots of laps,” Keay said.

Communities of Change

Seeds of Knowledge Taking Root on Campus and Worldwide


The metaphor of “sowing seeds” is often used when we speak about education.  We plant the seeds of education, and who knows what will grow and how deep the roots will penetrate?  On college campuses around the country, we are able to see and feel real community change and social action that has sprung up because of the planting of Heifer’s educational “seeds.”  But a crop needs help from a farmer to grow to its full potential, and we’ve found that professors of Geography, Animal Science, Nutrition, Psychology, Political Science, Philosophy, and History can make great farmers.  Read more to see how college and university faculty and staff can plant the seeds of sustainable development on their campuses and beyond. You may need to get your hands dirty!

Communities of Change