A Family Affair

I grew up on a small farm in Washington State; our family raised at least two Holstein heifers and two goats to be donated to Heifer International.


Heifer Sacramento Raises Some Fun While Raising Some Funds

The Heifer Sacramento Community Volunteer group recently hosted an 'open-mic' concert to raise funds for Heifer. The group has a goal of $10,000 this year, and plan to do it with several casual activities like this.


One Visit to Heifer Ranch Brings Ever-Expanding Influence

I was introduced to Heifer International after my husband and I moved to Arkansas in 1993. Newly retired, we were visitors to Heifer Ranch through a group in Hot Springs Village. We began to volunteer at the ranch, and became adamant supporters, both as volunteers and financial supporters.


Seeing the Nature of Heifer's Work


I was amazed to see firsthand the holistic view of development that Heifer propagates. The projects are not limited to passing on a cow; rather, Heifer's 12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development encompass every aspect of life, from diversifying incomes to empowering women and families to working together to end poverty.


Volunteering in honor of Mandela

South Africa

July 18th is Nelson Mandela International Day, a day when thousands of people in South Africa and across the world will give their time to volunteer to help others.


Purdue Service Learning Class Visits Heifer Haiti


Greetings, from Purdue University! Our names are Katelyn Jackson and Josey Holscher, and we are both senior students in Animal Sciences. We have been involved with Heifer International on Purdue’s campus for close to three years and since then we have


Students from Purdue University and Banat Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine University (Romania) 2010


Dr. Mark Russell, along with other faculty from Purdue’s Agronomy Department, co-led a class called “Exploring International Animal Industries” on a visit to Romania.


Community Education Volunteer Spotlight: Dorn Van Dommelen

United States of America

Geography 101 is not one of those college courses that immediately grabs one’s attention.  For most, it is simply another three hours closer to a degree, a bridge to cross along the way to a recognition of higher learning.  Few would expect their life to be changed in a 1st year geography survey class….right?  And often the teaching of those classes is the begrudging grunt-work of professors who would rather be working on a soon-to-be published article or research grant...correct?  Not necessarily.