Ranch Volunteer Shares What Heifer Means to her

I remember the first time I heard of Heifer International. I was sitting in a Peace Corps van, driving through the streets of Thies, the second largest city in Senegal. Two of my fellow volunteers started excitedly chattering as we passed a sign. They slapped on the window and shrieked at each other. I didn’t really understand the excitement, but I noted the sign, a cow jumping over the word “Heifer”. At the moment, it didn’t mean much to me, but looking back on that moment, it was the start to something amazing.


Pancakes for a Cause

We held a Pancake Supper at our church to raise funds and awareness of Heifer. The children learned about what Heifer does, designed posters, and came up with fun ideas including having a pancake race. In addition...


Taking Action: Two Volunteers on One Long Trip!

As we walked in for Sunday worship service, Sue Bishop greeted my husband, Allen, and me. She asked us, “Would you like to represent Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Tustin, California, and volunteer to tell folks about Heifer International at the Orange County Fair this summer?” and, to Sue’s surprise, we said, “Why, yes, we would!”


Students Purchase Goats and Chicks!

I teach economics at the high school level. My students and I were discussing third world countries, food sources, clean water, etc. The question, "How can you make a difference," was raised and Heifer international organization was mentioned.


Heifer Ranch Celebrates Buffalo Birthday!

At 26 years old, Stratton the water buffalo continues his role of being both motivation and muscle for the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, AR.

Communities of Change

Ranch Volunteer Recounts Experience

As a sophomore in college, I was looking for something to do between school years, when I remembered that Heifer Ranch offered volunteering opportunities. I had been a participant at the Ranch on four different occasions, and I decided that it would be great to see the other side of things here. Little did I know, my decision to be a Heifer Ranch volunteer would shape the rest of my life.