A Heifer Farm Volunteer is Uplifted

Groups like the 7th graders from Williston Northampton School in Massachusetts remind me of the importance to keep trying and keep teaching and being certain that ending hunger and poverty and caring for the earth is not a fantasy that Dan West had in 1939 and acted on in 1944. Heifer's mission is an ongoing reality that I am proud to be part of and extremely pleased to share with participants of all ages. Click the title of this story to read more...


Ranch Volunteer Shares What Heifer Means to Her


I remember the first time I heard of Heifer International. I was sitting in a Peace Corps van, driving through the streets of Thies, the second largest city in Senegal. Two of my fellow volunteers started excitedly chattering as we passed a sign. They slapped on the window and shrieked at each other. I didn’t really understand the excitement, but I noted the sign, a cow jumping over the word “Heifer”. At the moment, it didn’t mean much to me, but looking back on that moment, it was the start to something amazing.


Read to Feed Program Inspires Students to Raise Over $4,000 for Charity

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Heifer International's Read to Feed program has undoubtedly been an important and invaluable experience for the Maimonides 4th grade class this past year (2012-2013). It did not take long for my students to understand that their philanthropy could significantly improve a family’s quality of life, and that together, they can make a lasting difference for people around the world.


Going Hog Wild for Heifer International

Naquag Elementary School, located in Rutland, MA, went "hog wild" during the first week of May with a very successful fundraiser! To celebrate, students ran in a race and attended a special school-wide assembly where the principal puckered up and kissed a pig!

Projects & Families
Projects & Families

Heifer's Heart: Shon Rainford

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What really touches me is reading the letters of participants in our education programs which show we are truly doing work that will make the world a better place.