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Join Connor in His Charity Run!

I am 11 years old and I am doing a Charity Run to raise money for Heifer International and Doctors Without Borders. I have raised $1300 and I still have 1 month until the race on March 13. So far, the half of that money that is going to Heifer International can buy a heifer and a llama. If you would like to join me in this race in Palos Verdes near LA go to and search Charity Pi Run. Submitted by Connor Spencer


Cullman City Primary School Classroom Reads Nearly 500 Books

I am happy to report that my first grade class raised $300 for our Read to Feed Christmas outreach project and read nearly 500 books. My big-hearted children did this in lieu of exchanging gifts with each other and some gave that money toward the program. Through their efforts, we were able to purchase 2 llamas which will provide annual income for 2 or more needy families in other countries. We learned about the various resources/animals available for purchase through Heifer throughout this process and about some of the children who have benefited from it across the globe. My class has been doing this for 5 years and loving it every year! Submitted by Casey Grier


Golden Rule Sunday School

Our Golden Rule Sunday School has been supporting Heifer International for several years. Social action projects are a big part of our program, and we try to combine local and international projects, including volunteering at a nearby forest preserve, collecting books for children that have no books in their home, making lunches for a homeless shelter, and an ongoing change jar to collect for Heifer International. Click the title of this story to read more...


Little Rock Students Donate to "Enhance the Chance" for Others

The students created commercials to promote their products before the sale.


National Honor Society Dedicates Precious Time to Heifer

Shannon Scott, Proviso West High School Librarian, recently sent a very generous donation to Heifer International on behalf of the school’s National Honor Society. Along with the donation, she included a brief letter explaining a bit about how the students came to raise funds for Heifer...


What Heifer Gifts Mean to Mitch and Will

"My name is Mitch and my brother's name is Will. We are lucky to have a wonderful person in our lives that we call Grandma K. She is one of those people that has had an opportunity to travel the world and see many different cultures. She enjoys being out in the world and trying new and different things. One of the things that is important to her is giving back. We have been able to learn about giving back through her by the gifts she has given through Heifer International in our names to many different families. I am now 12 and my brother is 7. She has been doing this for several years for our birthdays and Christmas. This Christmas we were both able to donate llamas. We learned that the honeybees that my brother just donation for his 7th birthday make honey that is the only human food that never spoils! We didn't know that! We hope to be able to keep giving to families in need all over the world. Thanks to our wonderful Grandma K and to Heifer International for all that they do to help people live better lives."

Heifer for the Holidays

A Llama for Christmas

About mid-December Heifer International received a generous donation from New Freedom in Christ Church, located in South Dakota. Along with their donation, they included the featured photo and the following letter. We hope you find it as inspiring as we did!


Sonny the Alpaca

We saw an incredible opportunity to create a real life connection with members of our church at First Presbyterian Church of Maumee in Northwest Ohio. Our hope was that when people can actually see what they are donating, that they are more likely to participate. Click the title of this story to read more...


Read a Book and Raise Some Money

Twenty-seven students at St. John Catholic School in Kansas City participated in Heifer International's Read to Feed program. Together they read nearly 450 books this summer, and by collecting sponsors for the books read, they raised $2,090 for Heifer International! The students generously decided to donate one heifer, three schools of fish, one water buffalo, two llamas, two sheep, one goat, tree seedlings, three rabbits, two beehives, two flocks of chicks, one flock of ducks and one flock of geese! Congratulations and thank you to the students of St. John Catholic School!


Kiss a Pig!

A small community of 4,000 surpasses their fundraising goal for Heifer International and the resulting consequences are adorable. Click the title of this story to read more...


HS West Environmental Club Raises Over $3,000 to Help the Impoverished

The Half Hollow Hills High School West Environmental Club is proud to announce that they were able to raise $3,010 to be donated to Heifer International, a nonprofit organization working to eradicate poverty and hunger through sustainable, values based holistic community development.


How to Buy a Cow (and Give it Away)

Picture seven tall kitchen waste baskets full of used, empty bottles and cans. It looks like a pile of junk! That is, unless your name is Shea Berry. With many of the bottles and cans carrying coding for refundable recycling, Shea recognized their true value.


Students Raise $2,732 in Summer Read to Feed Group

Kids from twelve families kicked-off the summer asking friends, neighbors and relatives to sponsor them for the books they would read this summer. After 60 days, the kids read over 500 books and raised $2732 for Heifer International.


Llamas and Alpacas


Llamas and their cousin the alpaca have been invaluable for the people of South America since the Incas domesticated them around 4,000 B.C.