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First Graders at Pietrini School Read for a Cause

“When I grow up, I want to go to these places and help the people,” first grader Diego Reyes, reflected on his experience with Heifer International’s Read to Feed program. Diego is one of four extraordinary first-graders along with a big brother who participated in the Read to Feed program at Pietrini School, located in Franklin Park, Illinois... Please click the title of the story to read more!!


Keep an eye out for the 4-H Goat

Right before Christmas last year, Wheatland’s Finest 4-H Club decided to do more for their community service project than the traditional canned food drive and ringing of the bell for the Salvation Army. As a club they began investigating what they could do to help a family and a community. The club found the charity Heifer International (HI) fit the bill... Please click the title of the story to read more!


Sixth Graders at Northstar Middle School Study About Poverty and Hunger

I am so very proud of my sixth grade social studies students! We have been collecting money in hopes of purchasing one goat for $120.00 through Heifer International. This goat will help a family become self-reliant and change its future... Please click the title of the story to read more!


A Very Determined Donor Hopes to Spread Happiness

Hi! My name is Hannah and I am 8-years old. I raised money by making bracelets and instead of Christmas presents, I asked for money. So please buy a goat and (a flock of) chicken(s) with the money I raised! Happy Valentine's Day! Hannah PS: I hope I make a family happy.


Classroom Fundraiser Grows into School-Wide Effort

Please accept this donation not just from me, but as a gift from North Park Elementary School. Let me explain how this came about. When I received the Heifer International (gift) catalog at my home, I decided to see if my principal would approve it as a class fundraiser. Needless to say, she did, so the class fundraiser grew into a school-wide fundraiser! All we asked for were donations of loose change and we call our fundraiser, "Change to Change the World." (Along with an introductory letter we wrote to help students, families and teachers learn more about your orgainzation and mission) some teachers also read Beatrice's Goat by Page McBrier, which contains an afterward by Hillary Clinton that mentions Heifer International. In the end we collected $229.76 in loose change as well as $89 in bills. The students were so proud to see the level of generosity found within our school community! So, on behalf of the North Park Elementary community, please accept our donation and use it in any way that will support the communities in need most. Thank you for what you are doing!


Beatrice's Goat Inspires More Classroom Giving


Dear Heifer International, The fifth grade class at Des Arc Elementary recently read the book Beatrice's Goat by Page McBrier, about a young girl in Uganda whose family was drastically improved because they were gifted a goat from Heifer International. The class decided instead of exchanging Christmas presents, they would like to try to collect enough money to purchase a goat and help those less fortunate. It is our hope that other classes as well as schools will follow suit and give to such a wonderful organization. With love, Des Arc Elementary 5th grade class


Lamb of God School's Service Project

...I thought you would enjoy this--enclosed are letters from my students to you. Also, one teacher wrote what our K-8 students gave to the "Beatrice's Goat Service Project" (Bea Project) to the tune of "The 12 Days of Christmas" song. You can sing it easily to the melody of that song. We called it the Beatrice's Goat Service Project, but the money was going to Heifer International for the animals, irrigation pump, tree seedlings and honeybees. Click the title of this story to read more!


Students Do Chores for a Goat

After reading the book, Beatrice’s Goat, a picture book about a family that receives a goat from Heifer International, our learners were inspired to take action and buy a goat for the cause. We had been discussing the concept of value. We decided that a goat could change a life and that it would be very valuable to another family. I challenged our learners to do chores above and beyond what they have to do normally to earn some money from their parents to donate to our cause. We set up a fundraising thermometer in our room and watched the money come in. Our families sent in pictures of their children doing their chores. We raised the $120 for the goat and more still came in so we bought a flock of chicks as well! We were excited to take action and be a part of this project. Submitted by Jacquie G.


Perfectly Named School "SoulShine" Changes Lives with Heifer

Throughout the month of December, the SoulShine day school and after school programs learned about Heifer International and the different animals and opportunities that can be gifted to families all over the world. Ages 2-12 looked at the magazines, materials, and lesson plans about farming and raising livestock. On December 17 we held a market and raised over $100 for Heifer International by selling goods we made together. The children made all the products including vegan cinnamon buns, dream pillows, necklaces, candles, and more. The SoulShine school tripled our donation amount to $320 and we bought 4 baskets of hope and 1 goat from Heifer International. During this month of learning with Heifer International, one of my favorite activities was having our 2-year old students identify animals that live in the wild and animals that live on the farm. It was fun to show them pictures of farm animals using Heifer International images and then play sounds of the animals. The 2-year old students were asked to identify the sounds of ducks, chickens, cows, pigs, and more. We all giggled and learned that we can share these gifts with families in need. Thank you Heifer International. Submitted by Andrea Zoppo


The Giving Garden, an Eagle Project, Benefits Heifer

Received in the beginning of December 2015, the below letter was sent into Heifer International from Pam Nemeth, proud mother of Jake Nemeth, co-founder of The Giving Garden and recently inducted Eagle Scout. There was no way we at Heifer were going to allow Jake's hard work and dedication to go unacknowledged. We'd like to allow Pam's words to tell you more about Jake's Eagle Project, so without further ado... (Click the title of this story to read more!)


Conneaut Elementary Learns About the Importance of Giving Back!

I am a first grade teacher. As a part of our unit on cultures and holidays around the world, the other two first grade teachers and I ask the children to donate THEIR money (from their piggy banks or from chores) toward a donation for livestock purchase. This year the first graders of Conneaut Elementary School in Bowling Green, Ohio raised $145 dollars and were able to donate one goat and one flock of chicks. This is a great opportunity for the students to learn how important it is to give back! Submitted by Shannon K.


Kid Bucks Create a Large Donation

Ms. Ferry’s first grade class, along with 5 other first grade classes, listened to the story Beatrice’s Goat and wanted to do something to help villages like Beatrice’s. We performed services at home to earn “kid bucks” that we could bring back to school. Once we earned 100 kid bucks, our teacher sent a goat to a village in need through Heifer International. Altogether, the first grade classes at our school were able to send TEN goats! After earning our kid bucks, students wrote about their experiences and services they performed to earn their kid bucks. Their pages were put together into a book that is now published in our hallway. This is a picture of our board where we kept track of how many goats we earned. We also made books about how we earned our goats. We hope our goats help many families! Submitted by Marissa Ferry, Ashleigh Barraco & Laura Atkinson


Beatrice's Goat Continues to Impact Classrooms

Each year, our K-8 school does a service project. This November, our service project was to read and share the book, Beatrice’s Goat with each of the grades. The students were inspired by Beatrice’s story, as well as learning that their gift would bring lasting positive change to children and families around the world. They excitedly gave money towards the purchase of ducks, geese, chicks, rabbits, honeybees, pigs, goats, tree seedlings, a sheep, a water buffalo, and an irrigation pump with Heifer International. Thank you for providing a tangible way for young students to help make a positive difference in people’s lives around the world! Best wishes, Mrs. Hill Lamb of God School


Caroline Celebrates Her 6th Birthday

When planning her 6th birthday, Caroline had an interesting request for her parents: she wanted her guests to help her send a girl to school through Heifer International. While she had been exposed to Heifer before--even giving her mom a goat for her birthday last year--Caroline hadn't considered fundraising for us before. However, during a recent trip to the library, Caroline discovered Beatrice's Goat and learned about the depth of Heifer's mission and goals. This took place shortly after attending a friend's birthday party where guests were asked to donate to Heifer in lieu of gifts. We at Heifer love that our cornerstone of Passing on the Gift has extended to inspiration, fundraisers and birthday presents. Thank you for your generosity, Caroline!


Beatrice's Goat Inspires Classroom Fundraiser

Recently, our third grade class read a story in our reading club about Beatrice from Kisinga, Uganda, Africa. Her family was awarded a goat when Beatrice was about eight-years old. The goat had twins. One goat was sold for money to help buy a house, and the other goat and mother gave milk which was sold. This money allowed Beatrice to buy books and a uniform so she could attend school. ...After having read about Beatrice, we decided that we wanted to be a part of something great and also make an impact on bettering the lives of others in our world. Click the title of this story to read more!


98% Free and Reduced Lunch Elementary School Donates to Heifer

Our students were so touched by the book Beatrice's Goat and the videos that they far exceeded our expectations! Even though our school is 98% free and reduced lunch, our students worked very hard to raise money to purchase three goats and three flocks of chickens rather than the one goat we had planned to purchase. Click the title of this story to read more!


Ted & Company: Theology of the Basket

Join Ted & Company at one of the 3 performances of 12 Baskets and a Goat!


Beatrice's Goat Inspires Giving in North Carolina

That inspired us to do a coin collection to help a less fortunate family. Our goal was to raise $120 to buy a goat. Then we started writing letters to other people about how farm animals can help families have food and a way to make money. Click the title of this story to read more!


Animal Crackers Day Camp Learns about Heifer and Livestock

Cindy Wakeland, Director of Religious Education with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Urbana Champaign in Illinois, recently notified Heifer International of an incredible day camp they hosted. Click the title of this story to read more!