Helping Families like Beatrice's

The Modern Media class at Towson University, located in Maryland, is made of up international students from around the world who are studying English as a Second Language. These students read an article about Beatrice Biira and were very inspired by Beatrice’s story. Beatrice was a young girl in Uganda whose life was radically changed when Heifer International donated a goat to her poor family...


Three Little Pigs

What fun we had in Sunday School raising money for 3 Little Pigs for Heifer International during Lent this year! We are a small church, so our goal was to raise money for one pig but our colorful piggy banks inspired many givers. Each Sunday School student painted a small piggy bank and we lined them up under a bulletin board display featuring pigs colored by children of all ages. Even visitors were moved to give! Thank you for this opportunity, Heifer International!


Students Learn They Can Make a Big Difference


Mrs. Pincus' 3rd grade students at H.B. Brunner Elementary School raised almost $900 and they did it all on their own initiative! After reading the book "Give A Goat" by Jan Schrock, the students learned about Heifer International and found out they could donate money to people in Uganda who need food. In the end, the students raised an incredible $892.94.