Lemonade for a Good Cause

My brother and I had a lemonade stand. Then we had lots of customers. We chose this organization to help people in need so they could be more healthy.


The Day the Sheep Came to Church

As an incentive to the children young and old, the pastor of our church agreed to kiss one sheep for each sheep donated through the Fill the Ark fundraising effort. This is a Pastor that stands by what he preaches and he kissed all four sheep brought to the church after Sunday services!


Art With a Heart

The walls of the exhibition room were nicely decorated with paintings, which were created by the 1st graders and were being auctioned off to the 5th graders. Each work of art expressed the unique personality, brilliant spirit and bright mind of the artist. It was very touching to see these tiny creatures with such a big heart.


Realizing I Can Help

I'm a middle school teacher in my late 20s, a wife, and mother of a 3 year old little girl and expecting our next little girl in just a few weeks! I guess you can say I've always been one of those people waiting to figure out what my "something MORE" was...


Heifer Sacramento Raises Some Fun While Raising Some Funds

The Heifer Sacramento Community Volunteer group recently hosted an 'open-mic' concert to raise funds for Heifer. The group has a goal of $10,000 this year, and plan to do it with several casual activities like this.


Bike-a-Thonners Meet Challenge for Heifer

United Methodist Church in Concord, California held the 24th Annual Bike-a-Thon for Heifer. May 4 was a beautiful day for a bike ride in the Napa Valley, when 19 riders and 5 support crew members from the Concord United Methodist Church took to the scenic roads to raise money for Heifer.


Mercer Elementary MOOOOves Mountains

Mercer MOOOOves Mountains with Heifer International! During the month of March in 2013, the students and staff at Mercer Elementary School in Shaker Heights, Ohio began a campaign to raise money and awareness for Heifer International and its mission to end world poverty and hunger. Many acts of generosity, selflessness and effort led to a very successful campaign.


Family 'Mooooved to Action'

We named our cause “Mooooved to Action” and our goal was to raise enough money by selling our homemade jewelry to purchase a milk cow for a family that needs help through Heifer International. Our kids could hardly wait to purchase the cow and worked for about three months on their goal.


Children Write, Direct and Produce a Play to Benefit Heifer International

This winter my daughter, who is 6.5, and her friend decided to write, direct and produce a little play with friends to raise money for Heifer.


Ella Explains Heifer International Fundraiser

Here's a little video we did at Calvary Episcopal Church


Six Year Old Starts No Food Feast Project

A 6-year-old, disappointed that his first-grade class wouldn't be doing a project raising money for Heifer like he did in kindergarten, asked his parents if they could raise money for Heifer. No Food Feast was born.


Burns Park Students ‘Read to Feed’

Burns Park teachers dressed at farm animals to kick off a fundraiser for Heifer International. Students are celebrating Reading Month this March by “reading to feed” and taking pledges to help end hunger and poverty.


Kilimanjaro: We Made It


It was a long day, for the simple reason that you must minimize your time between 15k and 19k ft, and so the distance up and down must be compressed into one day, while moving only as fast as your cardio system can handle.