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West Lebanon Church Participates in Fill the Ark Program

Our Church (West Lebanon NH UCC) just finished a very successful 2016 Heifer drive. We initiated the month long Fill The Ark calendar on April 3rd by introducing the Fill The Ark program to both the Sunday School youth and the entire congregation. Over the next month the Sunday School would paste paper animals they colored to fill up a large cardboard Ark set up in the Sanctuary. During the Sunday May 1 service the Sunday School youth collected the boxes from the congregation and filled the front of the Ark. This Sunday the youth will decide what animals to purchase with the $1,000 raised. Also in June the youth and interested members of the congregation will travel to the Heifer farm in Rutland MA to learn more about Heifer and have an afternoon at the farm. Heifer's Fill The Ark calendar was a terrific tool that helped energize our congregation's 2016 Heifer project.


Kid's Carnival Raises Money for Heifer

Dear Heifer International, We really enjoyed using "Animal Crackers" last year to learn about animals and how they help people. We learned that all God has created and was created for a reason and we should do our part to take care of it and help take care of others, too! We raised $783.00 at our Christ's Kids Carnival for Heifer International. We made a poster at the carnival but it was too big to send, so we are sending you a picture of it. Thank you for all you do to teach and provide for others around the world. Peace & Love, Christ's Kids at 1st UMC Crane, TX


St. Andrew Faith Formation Raises an Ark

We filled the Ark and had a great time doing it! ...As an incentive, the Religious Education staff promised to kiss a pig if the goal was reached. Click on the title of this story to read more...


The Talk of the Town

The Ark became the conversational topic of the community. It offered our members a wonderful opportunity to spread the word of the fantastic work done by Heifer International. Click the title of this story to read more...


Christmas in July

In July of 2014, the Presbyterian Women of First Presbyterian Church in Pensacola, FL put together their time and effort to raise funds for Heifer International. The first paragraph of their initial fundraiser flier used to call congregants to give reads: "Presbyterian Women of First Presbyterian Church are committed to helping others by extending a hand up rather than a handout. Their goal is to collect $5,000 to fill an ark for Heifer International in the month of July."


Church Comes Together to Make a Difference

A few months ago, Sara Rising of Kingwood First Presbyterian Church in Humble, TX had an idea to get the church members to work together in order to support Heifer International. When she had the thought, no one knew how big it would get!


Generous Congregation Receives Ark Plaque


On Sunday November 17th, Linda McBee and I had the pleasure of going to Fort Bragg to present the pastor, Dan Fowler, and his congregation, with an Ark Plaque for their generous donation of $8,000 for a goat project in Nduma near Nairobi, Kenya. We were warmly welcomed by the church members and were each given a gift of a jar of ingredients to make a winter bean soup.


The Day the Sheep Came to Church

As an incentive to the children young and old, the pastor of our church agreed to kiss one sheep for each sheep donated through the Fill the Ark fundraising effort. This is a Pastor that stands by what he preaches and he kissed all four sheep brought to the church after Sunday services!