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Members at St. Paul's Lutheran Church Complete Puzzle for $5,000

Three years ago, several of our members were sitting around dreaming up something different to do as an outreach project. We decided on Heifer International and sponsoring an Ark, but we wanted to approach raising the funds differently than anything we had done before... Please click the title of the story to read more!


The Church of the Pilgrimage Celebrates Over 40 Years of Giving

May was Heifer Month at The Church of the Pilgrimage UCC in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The church has been a partner with Heifer International for more than four decades... Please click the title of the story to read more!


An Ark from United Church of Christ in Stanfordville

It is with great pleasure that we have enclosed a check for $5,000 to give an Ark through Heifer International. Our small, rural congregation initially established this goal 2 1/2 years ago. We have been steadily working toward it using various fundraising efforts. It has truly been a group effort in that money was received from our Sunday School children, our youth group, our women's fellowship, Sunday mission offerings and individual donations. We support in the work of Heifer, especially the idea of Passing on the Gift. We are excited at the prospect of our gift multiplying to provide sustainability, self-reliance and hope to people around the globe. We are blessed and grateful to be able to share this gift. Thank you for the opportunity to reach far beyond our small town to give assistance to those who need it most.


Ark Quilt Raises Money and Awareness for Heifer

Dear Heifer International, Enclosed please find a check in the amount of $5,000 from the congregation at First United Methodist Church in Three Rivers, Texas. We are a very small congregation; however, the youth of our church and our congregation greatly support your goal of "giving people a hand up, not a hand out." The enclosed donation is from "Heifer Offerings" which are taken every fourth Sunday of the month. One of our members, Diana Hill, created a beautiful "Ark Quilt." Members chose an animal or plant to be embroidered on the quilt and made a donation to our Heifer fund; the name of the donor was embroidered on the back of the quilt. The completed quilt sold to the highest bidder for $1,500 in a silent auction at our church. This is the second time we have raised enough funds to purchase an "Ark." Heifer's accomplishments are impressive. Sincerely, Sammie Huff Kohlman Mission and Evangelism Committee


The Rocker Family Brings Back the Magic of Christmas

We were extraordinarily blessed to be raised in the Rocker family. As children our parents were always involved at church and in the community at large, contributing their time, talents and money whenever possible. We all grew up with that example and as adults try to emulate our parent’s generosity, though it’s doubtful we can even come close. When we were younger, our Christmas celebrations were more about being together than they were about gifts. But as happens quite often, our small family Christmas celebrations grew as the family grew into a huge party with gifts stacked everywhere. While everyone certainly enjoyed the gift exchange, Christmas was beginning to lose some of its magic for us as a family. Last summer, as our mom was beginning her preparations for the annual celebration, she became depressed about it and prayed for ideas to plan something that would hearken back to those wonderful Christmas celebrations of the past. During her reflection she remembered one of the grandchildren requesting a flock of chickens through Heifer International for her birthday a few years ago. Thinking on a grand scale, this inspired her idea for providing the Ark in 2015. We were all on board and within a short time she had raised the entire amount needed to sponsor the project. At the family Christmas party, instead of endless time spent opening gifts, we spent time together and mom read a version of the Nativity story that focused strongly on the animals present that night. She then explained to the younger children how the animals we provided would so greatly help others, which sparked wonderful conversation with the children. We all agreed this was the best Christmas we had shared in years and look forward to planning more Christmas projects together. Submitted by Pam Wesley


Crystal Maruffo's Ark

Congratulations to Crystal Maruffo whose story of quitting smoking to raise an Ark for Heifer appeared in the Holiday 2015 issue of the World Ark! The Christmas Eve offering at her church, the Goshen City Church of the Brethren, helped her reach her goal. In one year’s time, Crystal and the friends she has inspired have raised the money for an Ark. Thanks, Crystal, for your dedication and perseverance! And thanks to all who contributed after reading the article. You have been an inspiration to Crystal, as well. Submitted by Peggy Reiff Miller (If you would like to read more about Crystal's Ark, check out the World Ark Blog here:


Holy Spirit Catholic Church Donates Their Thirteenth Ark!

July 6, 2015 Enclosed, please find checks totaling $5,407. As we have done the past eleven years, Holy Spirit used the Lenten and Easter seasons to raise money and awareness of world hunger by donating money to Heifer International for the purchase of an "Ark." During this period of time, the parishioners of Holy Spirit have contributed over $65,000 in support of projects, activities, and programs sponsored by Heifer International. Parishioners were encouraged to donate the money they would have otherwise spent based on their Lenten sacrifice. If someone gave up coffee for Lent, we suggested they take the money they would have spent and donate it to Heifer. In addition, our Christian Formation Program (religious education for our school-aged children) held their second annual end of year carnival and contributed over $1,800 of the total listed above. On behalf of the parishioners at Holy Spirit, I would like to thank you for your continued efforts in alleviating world hunger and of truly living the Gospel message "I was hungry and you fed me." May God continue to bless your work and the ministry of Heifer International. Peace, Deacon Rich Akins