Teaming up to End World Hunger

Recruit your family and friends to join your team, raise money and support Heifer’s mission! Whether your goal is $20 or $20,000, Team Heifer is a great way to support ending world hunger and poverty.

How Team Heifer Works

Create Your Team Page

Create and customize your own fundraising webpage with pictures, set your goals, and share stories about your team’s success.

Recruit Team Members

Team Heifer provides all the tools you need to communicate via e-mail and social media to recruit team members and raise funds.

Achieve Your Goal

Create fundraisers centered on your favorite activities with anyone from friends and family to coworkers and classmates.

Fundraising Ideas

We've assembled a few ideas to spark your personal movement to end hunger and poverty:

Fundraising ideas for being Creative

Be Creative

Encourage your hobby club to produce a special fundraiser for Heifer – knitting all night for a knitters basket, selling sunflowers to buy an Ark, or selling bracelets for 10 flocks of chicks.

Fundraising ideas for Family


Rally all your relatives and extended family to join a Team Heifer Holiday Fundraiser. You might be surprised at what a difference your family can make when you work as a team to end hunger and poverty.

Fundraising ideas for Birthdays


Use Team Heifer to help make birthdays more meaningful. In lieu of presents, ask for Heifer gifts. You can also raise money for your favorite celebrity’s birthday.

Fundraising ideas for Memorials


Provide a legacy for your loved ones to be remembered in a unique way while supporting a great cause. Set up a webpage to honor your loved ones in lieu of traditional gifts.

Fundraising ideas for Civic Groups

Civic Groups

Your community organization can inspire others to make a difference in the world with a Heifer fundraiser. Invite a guest speaker, host a party or organize a fun activity to raise funds for a big goal of purchasing a Water Buffalo or a Gift of Women’s Empowerment.

Fundraising ideas for Offices and Co-Workers

Office and Co-Workers

Use Team Heifer as an office team builder to raise money together around the holidays or a special date. Create friendly competition among departments for a larger event.

Fundraising ideas for Education


Get your children or teachers involved in Heifer’s Read to Feed Program. Raise awareness and dollars by hosting a dinner party, inviting an educational speaker to talk about poverty and hunger, watching a Heifer video, or organizing a book club.

Fundraising ideas for Sports


Fundraise by running a marathon, hiking a mountain, walking for water buffalos, golfing for goats, or donating softball tournament registration fees.

Fundraising ideas for Faith Communities

Faith Communities

Raise funds to bring hope and peace to others. Encourage your small group, synagogue, congregation, or other faith based group to have a Pie Supper, Fill the Ark, Rummage Sale, A Fair Share Meal, Living Gift Market, or other activity.

Fundraising ideas for Weddings


Already have enough toasters, picture frames, and blenders? Ask for the gift that keeps on giving. Have your family and friends contribute to your wedding by donating animals to families in need. Visit our Gift Registry.