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Lesson 4 Building a Worm Bin, Spanish Version

Lesson 4Building a Worm Bin, Spanish Version

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Product Description

After learning about worms, their environment and their impact on our environment, students will help set up a worm bin, learn to feed and care for the worms, as well as observe the stages of the worm life cycle. This lesson contains fun and educational extension activities that will help your students better connect with their new worm friends.

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Recommended Level

  • Grades PreK-K

National Standards Addressed

Next Generation Science Standards

  • Biogeology ESS2.E
  • Natural Resources ESS3.A
  • Human Impact ESS3.C
  • Structure and Function LS1.A
  • Matter and Energy Flow LS1.C
  • Information and Processing LS1.D
  • Adaptation LS4.C

Common Core Language Arts

  • Speaking and Listening SL.K.1
  • Writing W.K.3

Common Core Math

  • Measurement and Data K.MD.1

C3 Social Studies

  • D2.Geo.4.K-2