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Lesson 3 Animals Helping People, Spanish Version

Lesson 3Animals Helping People, Spanish Version

Available as a free digital download

Product Description

In this Science and Language Arts lesson, your students will identify how both chickens and worms help people, then identify how other animals help people. The included handout “Animal Helpers” will help your students learn to recognize and write letters of the alphabet associated with different animal helpers.

Product Details

Recommended Level

  • Grades PreK-K

National Standards Addressed

Next Generation Science Standards

  • Structure and Function LS1.A
  • Biodiversity LS4.D
  • Natural Resources ESS3.A

Common Core Language Arts

  • Informational Text RI.K.1, RI.K.3
  • Speaking and Listening SL.K.1
  • Writing L.K.1

C3 Social Studies

  • D2.Geo.4.K-2

Recommended Materials

  • One preassembled copy of "Animal Helpers" per student
  • Writing and coloring utensils