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Lesson 9Who Decides?

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Product Description

After defining government as a group and learning about different forms of government, your students will discuss the concept of rules through a group activity aimed at thinking through different governments that affect them. Your students will then discuss these concepts in context of the story.

Product Details

Recommended Level

  • Grades 5-6

National Standards Addressed

Common Core Language Arts

  • Informational Text RI.5.4, RI.5.7
  • Speaking and Listening SL.5.1, SL.5.4

C3 Social Studies

  • D1.1.3-5
  • D2.Civ.2.3-5
  • D2.Civ.3.3-5
  • D2.Civ.3.6-8
  • D2.Civ.4.3-5
  • D2.Civ.5.3-5
  • D2.Civ.5.6-8
  • D2.Civ.6.3-5
  • D2.Civ.6.6-8
  • D2.Civ.7.3-5

Recommended Materials

  • Once There Was and Was Not