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Lesson 3 Polling Activity, Spanish Version

Lesson 3Polling Activity, Spanish Version

Available as a free digital download

Product Description

After learning about the concept of polling, your students will work together to collect data by creating their own poll, analyze the data they collected, create graphs to represent the data and then communicate their findings to a public audience.

Product Details

Recommended Level

  • Grades 5-6

National Standards Addressed

Common Core Language Arts

  • Speaking and Listening SL.6.4, SL.6.5

Next Generation Science Standards

  • ETS.1.B Developing Possible Solutions

C3 Social Studies

  • D2.Civ.7.3-5
  • D2.Civ.7.6-8
  • D2.Civ.9.3-5
  • D4.8.3-5
  • D4.8.6-8

Geographic Focus

  • Armenia, Europe

Recommended Materials

  • Once There Was and Was Not