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Read to Feed Full Lesson Plan Kit

Read to FeedFull Lesson Plan Kit

Available as a free digital download

Product Description

This kit will help you prepare for and lead a successful Read to Feed Program. It shares the quick and easy steps of implementing the Read to Feed program along with ideas and resources to keep your kids motivated to reach their goal. Additionally, this downloadable kit includes each of our lessons for fifth and sixth grade. These lessons focus on the roles and responsibilities people have within their communities. Based on “Once There Was and Was Not” by Page McBrier, the geographic focus is on Europe. Each unit is multidisciplinary and aligned with Common Core standards for English Language Arts and Math, Next Generation Science, C3 Standards for Social Studies, and professional organization standards for the Visual Arts and others. Each lesson was developed, reviewed and tested by an advisory group of professional educators from a variety of schools across the United States.

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Recommended Level

  • Grades 5-6


  • Read to Feed Leader's Guide
  • Real Kids, Real Animals: Read to Feed Student's Guide
  • Lessons 1-9
  • Once There Was and Was Not
  • Read to Feed Student Goal Bookmarks
  • Read to Feed Animal Coloring Pages
  • Read to Feed Classroom Goal Poster
  • Read to Feed Certificate
  • Read to Feed Donation Form and Envelope
  • Lessons 1-4, Spanish Version
  • Once There Was and Was Not, Spanish Version