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Lesson 4 Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Lesson 4Seeing the Forest for the Trees

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Product Description

While playing Gorilla Forest, your students will experience the challenges inherent in managing a common good. Afterward, they will examine the impact of human actions on the hypothetical environment of the game and connect that to reality.

Product Details

Recommended Level

  • Grades 1-2

National Standards Addressed

C3 Social Studies

  • D2.Eco.2.K-2
  • D2.Eco.1.K-2
  • D1.1.K-2
  • D2.Civ.2.K-2
  • D2.Civ.10.K-2
  • D2.Civ.14.K-2
  • D2.Geo.5.K-2
  • D2.Geo.6.K-2
  • D2.Geo.8.K-2
  • D2.Geo.9.K-2
  • D4.1.K-2
  • D4.3.K-2
  • D4.2.K-2

Geographic Focus

  • Rwanda, Africa

Recommended Materials

  • Play money
  • 25 Paper circles or small tokens
  • 5 x 5 Grid on a flat surface