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Lesson 3 Doing Your Part: Accomplishing Group Goals

Lesson 3Doing Your Part: Accomplishing Group Goals

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Product Description

In this Civics and Language Arts lesson, your students will identify connections among living things, explore the consequences of severing those connections and describe ways in which they are connected with other people around the world. This lesson also includes an extension activity to help students to draw further connections between themselves and other countries around the world.

Product Details

Recommended Level

  • Grades 1-2

National Standards Addressed

Next Generation Science Standards

  • ESS2.E Biogeology
  • ESS3.A Natural Resources
  • LS1.C Matter and Energy Flow
  • LS4.C Adaptation
  • LS4.D Biodiversity

Common Core Language Arts

  • Speaking and Listening SL.1.1

C3 Social Studies

  • D2.Civ.9.K-2
  • D2.Civ.10.K-2
  • D2.Geo.6.K-2
  • D2.Geo.8.K-2

Geographic Focus

  • Rwanda, Africa

Recommended Materials

  • Flora and the Runaway Rooster
  • Whiteboard or chart paper
  • Art supplies