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Why Partner with Heifer?

Promote the Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet, Profit

Partnering with Heifer provides enumerable benefits for your company while helping millions of people around the world improve their lives. Here's why.

Motivate Your Workforce

We all know that motivated workers are more productive and increase the bottom line. Employees who engage with company-supported causes report higher job satisfaction and decreased turnover. Plus, it's easier to attract top talent when your company aligns with causes that improve lives and the environment.

Promote Strategic Alliances

Our partnerships provide new avenues for investment while ensuring ethical and efficient sourcing of the world's raw materials. Diversifying your income leads to a solid workforce.

Strengthen Your Brand

In a volatile market, aligning your company with a cause strengthens customer and brand loyalty. It also allows you to tap into a new customer base. Retailers who align with certain causes are deemed more trustworthy and credible. Posed against similar products, customers are more apt to choose a brand that supports their favorite cause or charity.

Generate Good Will

Companies with a strong social performance tend to have strong financial performance. Partnering with Heifer expands your corporate presence in emerging markets, and builds trust with your employees and customers. Plus, you have the opportunity to develop relationships with local, regional and national governmental influencers.

For more information, contact our Global Partnerships and Alliances Team.

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