The Day the Sheep Came

A village in Senegal rejoices in the promise of a more abundant future as Heifer places sheep as part of a larger project to improve nutrition and income for 1 million people.

Reporter's Notebook: Big Game

It's hard to explain to a clingy four-year-old that mom's job will take her on a nie-day, 9,000-mile journey to visit development projects in southern Africa, so I told him I was going on a lion hunt instead.

Guardians of the Forest

A Heifer project adjacent to Kusungu National Park in western Malawi saves habitat by helping families develop sustainable sources of protein, fuel and savings.

Alpaca Country

In the spectacular landscape of the Peruvian Andes, very little grows. Heifer alpaca projects address nutrition and climate change vulnerability in a precarious environment.

Rodents of Unusual Size

Heifer Ghana develops an accessible and hugely successful method to raise grasscutters as livestock to improve nutrition and income in West Africa.