Wisdom from on High

Heifer International is partnering with U.S. farmers like Ann Rose, a former nurse who swapped her hospital job for a different calling. Now she grows healthy food and teaches others how to farm sustainably.

The Disappeared

Rural families torn apart by Nepal's Civil War find emotional and economic support as part of an innovative partnership of the International Committee of the Red Cross and Heifer International.

Cowgirl Memories

Kathy Moore was a teenager when she herded 20 cows onto a ship bound for Japan in 1958. Now she usually sticks closer to home, but her dedication to Heifer International is decades strong.

Dare to Share

Sharing can make us feel happier and healthier. For millions around the world, those motivations are making it worthwhile to give sharing a shot.

Heifer Spirit: Beating the Drum for Heifer

As a volunteer and donor with 10 years of service to Heifer International, Ashley Stone is a vocal proponent of the organization’s work to end hunger and poverty. Stone’s deep experiences with Heifer fire her conviction to support the mission and pass on the gift.

Asked & Answered: Repairing the Earth

Think for a moment about the pressing challenges the world faces: poverty, hunger, political instability, war and climate change. Issues like this are what drove author Judith Schwartz to write her book "Cows Save the Planet."

Building a Better Milk Can

Dairy farmers in Heifer International's EADD program go to great lengths to ensure their milk cans are meticulously cleaned inside between deliveries so their milk will meet quality standards at the chilling plant and not be turned away.