Cowboys at Christmas

About 7,000 men of all ages, religions, colors and walks of life responded to the call for “seagoing cowboys” in 1945 and 1946. A number of these cowboys found themselves away from home over the holidays, many for the first time.

Dirt of Ages

Let them come, biologist Allan Savory says of the herd animals long blamed for destroying natural grasslands. With proper management, he says, those animals can be the land’s salvation. He offers proof at Zimbabwe’s Dimbangombe Ranch, where both flora and fauna thrive.

Milking Opportunity in Zimbabwe

For Zimbabwe’s smallholder farmers, increasing their ability to grow their own foods and expand their own markets means they become less dependent on imported food and increasingly food secure, Heifer’s ultimate goal for the country.

Cowboy Chronicles

With its 70th birthday celebrations this year, Heifer International called the cowboys home to honor their immeasurable contributions and collect their memories for posterity.

Asked & Answered: An Insider's View of EADD

As a program officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Windy Wilkins aims to maximize the benefits livestock can bring to people struggling to pull themselves out of poverty. Heifer International is proud to work with Wilkins and the Gates Foundation on the East Africa Dairy Development (EADD)...

Honoring a Lifetime of Generosity

If life were a sport, we’d all want Suzanne Awalt on our team. In her life and extensive roles supporting Heifer International, she’s passionate, disciplined, considerate, inquisitive, structured, positive and committed. Awalt is a longtime Heifer volunteer, donor and former board member.