Dare to Share

Sharing can make us feel happier and healthier. For millions around the world, those motivations are making it worthwhile to give sharing a shot.

Building a Better Milk Can

Dairy farmers in Heifer International's EADD program go to great lengths to ensure their milk cans are meticulously cleaned inside between deliveries so their milk will meet quality standards at the chilling plant and not be turned away.

The First Cowboy

A global web of supporters, volunteers and staffers carry out Heifer International’s work today, but 70 years ago it was all up to a few boatloads of cowhands. This volunteer crew helped out from start to finish, raising the animals, transporting them from the heartland to the shore and...

Joy in Giving Back

Milk donation is a key component of the Heifer Milk for Orphans project. The program builds on an earlier project, Farmers Feed the Children, which required that Heifer cow recipients provide either milk or meat to child-care institutions such as hospitals and orphanages.

Reimagining International Aid

As the Administrator for the United States Agency for International Development, Rajiv Shah oversees the government’s efforts in improving the lives of those in need in the developing world. Since taking on the job in 2009, Shah has expanded the agency’s focus and changed some of its strategies, like...

Advancing Goat by Goat

Women in three Nepal villages demonstrate how a new, large-scale Heifer program helps families out of poverty through better goat breeding, care and market savvy.