Early to Bed, Early to Rise...

These famers grow chickens of notable size! If you want to be a farmer, where do you start? Heifer is stepping in to help farmers in Arkansas learn the basics, secure start-up funds and build the networks they need to thrive.

Bee Well

A project in the Yucatan revives the art and traditions of stingless beekeeping to yield prized medicines and preserve precious cultural memory.

Bee Proactive!

Honeybees are an incredibly important part of food production worldwide, and they’ve been in the news a lot lately. Read on to learn what’s happening with honeybees and how you can help.

What Price Happiness?

If you wonder if money can buy happiness, try asking Helena Norberg-Hodge. In 2011, she produced and co-directed the award-winning documentary "The Economics of Happiness," which explores both corporate consolidation of power through globalization and the ways in which communities around the world are embracing their small-scale farmers and...

Changing Directions in Cameroon

How does Heifer International decide where to work? Perhaps more importantly, how do we decide when the work is done? After more than 40 years of work in Cameroon, Heifer International is looking northward to the dry, hungry Sahel.

The Burning Question

Millions of women and girls in developing countries spend part of every day foraging for fuel to cook their families’ meals. Professor Gautam Yadama of Washington University speaks with Heifer International about the challenges these women face.

Refuse Reuse

A biogas project in Uganda leaves nothing to waste. Through the use of simple technology, animal manure is transformed into fuel, fertilizer and electricity.