Refuse Reuse

A biogas project in Uganda leaves nothing to waste. Through the use of simple technology, animal manure is transformed into fuel, fertilizer and electricity.

Coming Full Circle

When Irina Ellison agreed to participate in the Women's Lambing program at Heifer Farm, she did not know she would see something that would remind her of her world travels nearly 30 years before.

Emerging From the Shadows

For years, Dalia Mukandagijimama, like many Rwanda’s Eastern Province, bore the scars of unthinkable hardship. A partnership between Heifer Rwanda and Partners in Health is helping Dalia and others like her build thriving and surviving families and communities.

From Peru With Love

As manpower trickles out of these Peruvian communities , and as climate change makes raising crops and animals on the mountains even more challenging, Heifer is stepping in to help with intensive values-based training that builds community unity.

Cowboys at Christmas

About 7,000 men of all ages, religions, colors and walks of life responded to the call for “seagoing cowboys” in 1945 and 1946. A number of these cowboys found themselves away from home over the holidays, many for the first time.