Hunger and Obesity

Malnutrition can have many effects that are detrimental to human health, and people living in extreme poverty are especially at risk. This graphic will show you some of the ways hunger and obesity could adversely affect you.

Spring Sweetness

You can enjoy fresh strawberries each year so long as pests, weeds and diseases are kept at bay. Here are some tips to help your strawberry garden grow, along with a recipe for a sweet treat!

House of Cardamom

Cardamom farmers in Guatemala brave destructive pests, deadly snakes and predatory markets to grow and sell one of the world’s most expensive spices. They often reap very little profit from their hard work, but Heifer is helping to change that.

Dairying Greatly in Bangladesh

Her present reality stops Renuka Khatun from imagining that her sons could know a different kind of life. Still, she is optimistic that working in a new Heifer project might help her see them through.

The Road from Farm to Market

Milk money provides for the basics and allows families to invest in the future. It’s the classic Heifer story — the gift of a cow and training leads to a life that once seemed out of reach for a family of farmers.

Crystal's Ark

Just as Noah stepped out in faith to build his ark in the Biblical story, the decision that mother Crystal Marrufo made to raise money for a Heifer Gift Ark has been a leap of faith.

Speaking With ONE Voice

As president of ONE, Michael Elliott leads a chorus of six million voices united to help end extreme poverty, hunger and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. ONE does not ask for donations—they ask for your voice in speaking up for people who often go unheard.

Spice Up Your Holidays

Pomander balls are fun, easy to put together, and make cheerful decorations that fill the house with a lovely aroma. These, along with this recipe for sweet potato soufflé, are sure to spice up your home this holiday.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Families living along Ecuador’s coastline seek new livelihoods as the mangroves and the natural resources they provide dwindle. One family hinges their hopes on community tourism, opening their home to visitors wanting an authentic taste of life in the mangroves.

On the Take

As climate change, population growth and environmental damage shrink the amount of arable land on the planet, wealthier countries and corporations look to developing countries for land.