Food for Thought

Author Frances Moore Lappé burst onto the scene 45 years ago with the debut of her now-classic book, Diet for a Small Planet. As a prolific author and thought leader, Lappé champions the argument that hunger is caused not by lack of food, but by the inability of poor people to access it.

Harnessing the Power of Youth

As vice chair of the Clinton Foundation, Chelsea Clinton has helped advance opportunities for women and girls, looked at ways to curb childhood obesity and raised awareness of the effects of climate change. Now she’s written her own book, which takes wide-reaching global issues like the environment, women’s rights...

A New Climate for Farming

While it can be hard enough for people to cope with death from the heat, melted roads, crippling drought, restricted water usage and other issues, what about our food systems? How can farmers adapt to this harsh new reality?

Speaking With ONE Voice

As president of ONE, Michael Elliott leads a chorus of six million voices united to help end extreme poverty, hunger and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. ONE does not ask for donations—they ask for your voice in speaking up for people who often go unheard.

The Groundwork for Health

With roots growing up on an organic farm and being involved with the food movement for 35 years, Dan Kittredge has founded an organization that is changing the way we think about our food, our health and, most importantly, the soil under our feet.

What Price Happiness?

If you wonder if money can buy happiness, try asking Helena Norberg-Hodge. In 2011, she produced and co-directed the award-winning documentary "The Economics of Happiness," which explores both corporate consolidation of power through globalization and the ways in which communities around the world are embracing their small-scale farmers and...

The Burning Question

Millions of women and girls in developing countries spend part of every day foraging for fuel to cook their families’ meals. Professor Gautam Yadama of Washington University speaks with Heifer International about the challenges these women face.

Asked & Answered: An Insider's View of EADD

As a program officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Windy Wilkins aims to maximize the benefits livestock can bring to people struggling to pull themselves out of poverty. Heifer International is proud to work with Wilkins and the Gates Foundation on the East Africa Dairy Development (EADD)...