Dirt Poor

Extreme drought and deforestation leave Haitian farmers stuck with parched, unyielding soil. After a rocky start, project participants and Heifer Haiti staff realized access to water has to be the first step.

A Total Life Changer

Former Heifer Ranch volunteers are shaping the future of agriculture. Here, four volunteers share how their experiences with Heifer are inspiring them to make an impact.

A New Climate for Farming

While it can be hard enough for people to cope with death from the heat, melted roads, crippling drought, restricted water usage and other issues, what about our food systems? How can farmers adapt to this harsh new reality?

Hunger and Obesity

Malnutrition can have many effects that are detrimental to human health, and people living in extreme poverty are especially at risk. This graphic will show you some of the ways hunger and obesity could adversely affect you.

Spring Sweetness

You can enjoy fresh strawberries each year so long as pests, weeds and diseases are kept at bay. Here are some tips to help your strawberry garden grow, along with a recipe for a sweet treat!