With life-giving gifts and training from Heifer, mothers can care for their families in ways they've never dreamed.

During the war in Kosovo in 1999, Ryve Bobi endured incomprehensible tragedies. As Serbian soldiers forced her from her home at gunpoint, she heard the shot that killed her husband, Nur. After months as a refugee, she returned home to find the source of her livelihood, her livestock, slaughtered. What the war didn't take was her children. And the mother of eight thanks God for that every day, she said.

"I missed my husband, but they didn't burn my house, and I had my children. There were some people who had nothing," Bobi said. Though the family became closer after the war, the bond with her eight children—five girls and three boys—grew even deeper after the family received a cow from Heifer International in 2006. Today, she is able to feed her family more nutritious foods, like the milk and yogurt from her cow and the vegetables she grows in her garden with the help of the animal's manure. She's even paying for college classes for a few of her children, a luxury she never thought she could afford. And Bobi's children take care of her, too. "They knew I suffered so much, they are so happy for me now," she said.

Around the world, Heifer works directly with women to not only help them recover from war, disaster and hopelessness, but to empower them as they gain status in their families and communities. When women receive opportunities like those that Heifer presents, it's proven that they are more likely to pass those benefits to their children. In each Heifer project, one constant is a mother's wish to make a better life for the next generation by giving them education, better nutrition and a safe and comfortable home. Mothers work tirelessly to make those dreams come true.