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Building the 'mindset of ownership' in kids to improve empathy

Christian Science Monitor

Young teachers are empowering students to lead project-based learning and customize their classroom experience to best fit the entire class. Along the way, they are sharing their lessons to help others do the same. Taking Action. When the students realized that not all economies work as well as in the United States, Voyager Academy requested education tools from Heifer International that allowed the students “to learn about the great needs that exist outside their own community.”

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Get Escape Goat 2 and Goat Simulator by donating to goat-themed charity

PC Gamer

Coffee Stain describe the game as "like an old school skating game, except instead of being a skater, you're a goat, and instead of doing tricks, you wreck stuff." Looking at the videos, it's basically r/GamePhysics: The Game. In case you're still not convinced this isn't a joke, you can now pre-order Goat Simulator. I

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Buy Two Games About Goats, Give a Goat to Those in Need


As if the goat phenomenon could get any more unbelievable, now it is being used to help fight world hunger. Goat Simulator developer Coffee Stain Studios has teamed up with Escape Goat 2 creator MagicalTimeBean and charity organization Heifer International to bring animals to poverty-stricken areas of the world.

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No Decline in Donations to Heifer Since Downgrade

Arkansas Business

A nonprofit’s rating is based primarily on how much of its revenue goes toward the programs and services that are its reason for being and how much goes to overhead, which includes the cost of fundraising. Charity Navigator obtains this information from a nonprofit’s report to the IRS, called a Form 990. Heifer rated an overall numerical score of 46.94 out of 70 with 37.53 (one star) on “financial” measures and 67 (four stars) on “accountability and transparency.” That resulted in the two-star composite rating.

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Heifer International CEO Pierre Ferrari Stresses Performance

Arkansas Business

“The focus on revenue as an indicator of health is, I think, overemphasized,” said that still relatively new CEO, Pierre Ferrari. “It’s always good to grow revenue, but it’s not really one of our objectives. The objective is to increase impact, to have more families engaged so that we can take more people out of poverty.”

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Drinking Milk Campaign Launched in Tanzania

Corporate Digest

Aiming at making consumers healthy and develop dairy farming, the East Africa Dairy Development (EADD) program through Heifer International Tanzania, launched a campaign to promote the habit of drinking milk among Tanzanians.

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‘Milk drinking’ drive launched

The Citizen

A campaign to promote the habit of drinking milk among Tanzanians has been launched. The aim is to make consumers healthy and develop dairy farming. The drive has been initiated by the East Africa Dairy Development (EADD) programme through Heifer International Tanzania

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Smart Agriculture in Cameroon Minimizes Greenhouse Gases

Cameroon Web News.com

At a time when greenhouse gas emissions from cars and electricity generation around the world are at an all-time high, Heifer International in Cameroon is leading initiatives and programming to help reduce such emissions from livestock production there.

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Kenyan delegation visits NDDB for assistance on milk Co-Ops

The Hindu Business Line

In a bid to promote dairy business in Kenya, Kenya Dairy Farmer Foundation (KDFF) and East Africa Dairy Development Project of Heifer International sought assistance from the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) on forming cooperatives for milk procurement, processing and marketing.

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Elanco commits to dairy development project in East Africa

Progressive Dairy

Elanco says it has committed $500,000 to Heifer International's East Africa Dairy Development Project (EADD), continuing the company's long-term partnership aimed at breaking the cycle of hunger for those most in need.

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