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Gifts That Give Back, Handpicked by Samasource CEO Leila Janah


"Not only is this gift unique, but it really does make a huge difference for families in underdeveloped regions around the world. Many of our Samasource workers have benefited from a Heifer goat ($120), so I like to spread the word. Give a goat!"

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Pals give governor the gift of a goat

Arkansas Democrat Gazette

The Wise Olde Goats, a luncheon club of well-connected mostly retired professional men, introduced the governor to Ouachita, a white Saanen goat that will turn 1 in February. And while Ouachita will return to the Heifer Village Ranch in Perryville, the club bought a goat in the governor's name to be sent through Heifer International to a needy family overseas.

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The TED Gift Guide

Ted Blog

Gifts for the eco-conscious: “If the ones you love already have everything, give the gift of giving. The items available in the Heifer catalog offer gifts that help support sustainable farming and provide basic necessities, like clean water, for those in need.”

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Adventurer Readies for Human-Powered Global Odyssey


South African adventurer Angelo Wilkie-Page will head out on November 20 for an expedition that will last about eight years. His plan is to be the first person to circumnavigate the globe from east to west and pole to pole without the help of motors, sails, or solar energy. Expedition 720° will also help raise more than $1 million for Heifer International.

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Tanzanian Cornel Kapinga: Africa's best dairy farmer

IPP Media

“Before Heifer International Tanzania came to my village, malnutrition among children was high and most of the families were living on a single meal per day. But since the project started in 1995, positive changes are vividly seen to my fellow village members as they have afforded to improve their nutrition and houses through consuming and selling milk,” said Cornelius.

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Heifer Provides Tech Training in Peru

Chronicle of Philanthropy

Heifer International is providing women in the Peruvian Andes with technology training and access to computers, printers, and cameras to help them boost their income from blankets, ponchos, and other items made from alpaca wool.

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World Food Day: Let's Not Leave Smallholder Farmers Poor


We want more for smallholder farmers, however, than simply being able to feed their families and provide life's most basic necessities. We want them to live fulfilled, dignified lives - whatever that means for them, in their own context.

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‘Milking’ the Yolanda situation


One model that can be looked into is the project of Heifer International, an NGO based in the US but with operations in the country. In their program, farming families attend seminars, after which they are given animals (cows, carabaos or goats) that are already pregnant. In these seminars, prospective beneficiaries are given values formation and how to take care of the animals.

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My Project: Heifer International's Pierre Ferrari


What do you most want people to know? That the poor are not responsible for their poverty and misery. Most of them struggle in conditions that are subhuman, dangerous, full of disease, hunger and despair. But when Heifer International offers a sliver of hope, they grab it with astounding energy, enthusiasm, creativity and optimism.

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Chepang woman awarded 'Golden Talent Prize'


Heifer International has awarded Bishnu Maya Chepang, 40, of the remote village of Siddhiki in Chitwan with the ‘Golden Talent Prize’ in recognition of her hard work to uplift financial status of her family.

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