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The hilarious success story of Goat Simulator


Sales of the game exceeded all expectations. "I think we recouped our money within, like, ten minutes," he says. In five months, Goat Simulator outsold both Sanctum games combined, such strong performance that the team wanted to give back and decided on offering free DLC, despite the fact Sanctum and its sequel made about half their revenues from paid DLC. And the team participated in the "Games for GoatS" program with charity Heifer International, offering free Steam keys for the game (along with Escape Goat 2, which also participated) to donors.

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Milking it: dairy farmers in east Africa are earning more by learning more

The Guardian

The research into VFTs has been based on their use in the East Africa Dairy Development (EADD) project, a collaboration launched in 2008 between Heifer International, the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), Technoserve, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), and African Breeders Services (ABS). The project's first phase aimed to double the incomes of 179,000 dairy farmers in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

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Little Rock Restaurant Month: Cafe at Heifer


Tyler Husser & Christopher Rash show off one of Cafe@Heifer's best salads for Little Rock Restaurant Month.

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The Do-Gooder – Vicki Clarke, Director of Philanthropy, Heifer International


When I interviewed for a position at Heifer about six years ago, I was asked to talk about my personal and professional values, and how those values shape the work that I do. It was quite a question and not one you hear in many job interviews. But thanks to my upbringing, it wasn’t tough to answer.

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New Program For Sustainable Produce Helps Local Farmers And Economy


A group of people are ditching grocery stores and getting locally grown produce delivered right to them. Heifer International launched FoodShed Farms-CSA... a pilot program serving 150 families who pay $450 dollars per season to get a box of produce weekly.

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9 Things NOT to Do When Jet Skiing Down the Mississippi River


You would think these go without saying, but Kurt Braunohler just did almost all of them to raise money for families in Africa.

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The last best place no more: massive deforestation destroying prime chimp habitat in Uganda


In one of the initiatives, called the Sustainable Livelihoods Project, wildlife conservation groups established tree nurseries in local villages and encouraged community members to plant them within 30-meter (100-foot) buffers on either side of area rivers such as the Rwamatonga and the Waki. The two organisations partnered with Heifer Project International to offer high quality goats and pigs to local farmers who agreed to plant trees along riverbanks on their land.

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Cameroon: Heifer Offers 157 Dairy Cows to Farmers


Over 150 dairy cattle farmers from Santa and Bamenda I in Mezam Division and Jakiri in Bui Division of the North West Region, and Foumbot in Noun Division of the West Region, have benefitted from the largesse of Heifer Project International, HPI Cameroon.

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Buy a Goat (For Charity), Get Two Goat Games

Modern Farmer

The wonders of "Goat Simulator", the video game that captivated the Internet, will never cease to spring forth. Earlier this summer, our favorite goat game purveyor teamed up with Heifer International, an organization that fights world hunger by bringing livestock to impoverished communities, to provide an enticing offer: Donate $20 or more to Heifer and receive two goat-themed video games.

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Cameroon: GTC NSEH Receives New Classrooms, Equipment


The FCFA 6 million project was carried out with the assistance of Heifer Project International, Cameroon. The livestock development charity, Heifer Project International, Cameroon, on July 2, 2014, at Nseh, Nkum Sub-division in Bui Division of the North West Region, handed over to the authorities of Government Technical College, GTC Nseh, a three-classroom block it helped to build and equip.

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