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Cycling for a Cause


This June, Algonquin resident Mike Ainsworth will embark on a 420-mile cycling trip along the greater part of the Grand Illinois Trail in an effort to educate people about Heifer International, a nonprofit that provides livestock, seeds and trees to global communities in need.

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Powerful new source of energy in Cameroon


Starved of electricity but with plentiful methane-rich manure, rural livestock farmers in this heavily agricultural nation have become unlikely heroes and beneficiaries of Africa's fight to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

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Seagoing Cowboy now living in Riverdale to be honored at art exhibit at Merchant Marine Academy


With his crisp button down shirt, pleated dress pants and neatly swept- back gray hair, the Rev. Dr. Charles Wesley Shike may not seem like a seafaring adventurer. But in the summer of 1946, he was among an intrepid group of men who took to the

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Celebrating Seeds of Change in Hughes, AR


Leaders from Heifer International and the U.S. Department of Agriculture gathered Monday in Hughes to celebrate Heifer's commitment to working in a USDA StrikeForce area.Heifer International recently launched the first phase of the Seeds of Change

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Facebook Game 'WeTopia' Allows Players To Donate Real Cows


Remember the day you selected "Hide All by FarmVille" on Facebook? That was a good day. Friends among the 32 million monthly users of Zynga's popular game immediately lost the power to share the number of purchased cows on your news feed.

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The risks and rewards of helping Honduras


Virtually the entire American Airlines flight going to San Pedro Sula in Honduras was clad in color-coordinated t-shirts, each representing a group doing good in the Central American country. Medical missionaries from South Carolina.

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Cameroon Farmers Turn Bio-Gas Into Power


Henry Njakoi, country director of Heifer International Cameroon, says the construction of bio-gas digesters in demonstration farms can generate enough gas for whole communities. Farmers pay only about a quarter of the $120 cost.

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Give While You Get: Catalog Spree Gives Back 5% of Sales on Free Shipping Day

Market Watch

On Free Shipping Day (December 16, 2011), Catalog Spree will donate five percent of all purchases made through the app to Heifer International, which will help those in need around the world.

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NPR Discusses the Holidays and Ethics of Consumption


What if you simply bought 1/2 as many gifts this year? Buy half as many gifts and see if you can find things that will last, things that are made really well. And for each gift you don't buy, write a card to that person and tell them how important

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Top 10 Travel Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Stuff the stockings with travel treats As the holiday season kicks off and shoppers begin planning their Black Friday and Cyber Monday must-buy lists, the team here at Cheapflights has compiled a list of our favourite travel products.

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