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American Farmer: Community Supported Agriculture

P. Allen Smith Garden Home

The model has taken hold across the nation- tens of thousands of families hold shares in CSAs and in some areas there aren't enough farms to support the demand. It just so happens that Heifer Ranch has a one acre vegetable garden that serves a CSA of about 60 members that each pay $350 a season, or about $20 a week for a basket of approximately 10 items.

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Heifer Awarded $8M Gates Foundation Grant


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Heifer International is getting an $8.5 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for work in Africa.

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Cameroon: Heifer Steps Up Dairy Cattle Farming Support


One of the farmers in Noun Division, Njutamvoui Nourdine, happily recounted how her family's dairy farm now produces 35 litres of milk a day.

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Life Lessons

Memphis Magazine

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. The old English proverb is a wise maxim that acts as the foundation of Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas, a remarkable educational extension of Heifer International's outreach.

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Heifer International Welcomes G8 Commitment to Food Security, Nutrition

Heifer International

Heifer International applauds President Barack Obama's announcement today that the Group of Eight Nations (G8) commits to bring the private sector, foundations, governments and civil society together in a New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition for Africa. The commitment will help keep the promise of the 2009 L'Aquila Summit to, “act with the scale and urgency needed to achieve sustainable global food security."

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With Expanding Dairy Sector, EADD Launches Feeding Manual


With the Expanding Dairy Sector, The East Africa Dairy Development (EADD Project has Launched a Feeding Manual for Dairy Farmers and Extension Officers. Special Report by Xinhua Correspondents: Ejidiah WanguiNAIROBI (Xinhua) -- In recent months,

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How You Can Give Back to Moms in Need


This Sunday, while some moms will be opening presents and enjoying with their families, other mothers all over the world will be struggling -- whether it's to make ends meet, to get proper maternal care or to feed their children.

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Making Mother's Day More Meaningful

Mia Farrow

Mother's Day is our chance to honor the women who bind families together and raise children from babies to adulthood. Raising good kids is one of the most challenging, and also the most meaningful, things I've ever done. I tried to teach them to respect their fellow human beings.

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Sustainability Summit held at Clinton Center

FOX16 News

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Little Rock business and city leaders discuss ways to become more energy efficient and reduce the carbon footprint on the plant at the Little Rock Sustainability Summit at the Clinton Presidential Library.Business leaders shared

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For Heifer, These Enthusiasts put the Fun in Fundraising

Heifer International has its fair share of celebrity supporters, but the work of its rank-and-file followers generates significant contributions to the Little Rock non-profit hunger relief organization. The fact that its supporters put their

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