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Heifer International In For The Long Haul In Ecuador Earthquake Recovery


Ecuador is in the midst of recovery after an April earthquake killed over 660 people. Little Rock-based Heifer International has been working with farmers and fishing families in the region just outside the earthquake's epicenter for decades.

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High Profile - Hilary Jane Haddigan


As a "C-suite" executive at Heifer International, Haddigan has a unique title -- chief of mission effectiveness. She's responsible for managing, evaluating and quantifying the effectiveness of Heifer's programs around the world.

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Yogurt breakthrough could mean more than nutrition for East Africans

The Londoner

Partners in the project include Heifer International, Yoba For Life, and Joma Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. The program is called “Fermented Food for Life” and it’s received a $1.45 million grant from the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund, a joint initiative of Global Affairs Canada and the International Development Research Centre.

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Heifer Ecuador responds to quake disaster


“There reaction has been phenomenal. They've been together collecting water, collecting food and bringing all of these resources to communities,” said Oscar Castaneda, vice president of the Americas Program.

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Education Matters: A Lesson in Loose Change


A local school just finished counting the results of its "Make That Change" fundraiser and surpassed a goal of 500 dollars. Students at Romine Elementary raised 691 dollars to help Heifer International buy a cow for a family in need.

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Pet, Groom, and Feed Animals at Little Rock Zoo


On Saturday, April 2, the zoo will open its Arkansas Heritage Farm exhibit. The opening will feature a Heifer International “Pass on the Gift” ceremony, an event integral to the organization’s field work, in which Heifer will officially hand off the livestock it donated to the exhibit that focuses on sustainable farming and how farm animals can provide life-changing benefits to farming families.

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Picturing Change: The Power of Visuals in Content Marketing

Content Plus Magazine

Near the end of a two-minute video on Heifer International’s website, there is a striking series of words and images that encapsulate the philosophy and approach of the 70-year old nonprofit devoted to ending hunger and poverty. In between cards bearing the phrases “When I take your hand,” “It’s not for a handout,” “It’s so we can walk together,” viewers see the face of a laughing and smiling woman standing in an African village, and a more subdued, yet clearly pleased Ecuadorian fisherman.

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Muskingum County man recalls his time as a ‘Seagoing Cowboy’

Farm and Dairy

But when a physical revealed he had a heart murmur, his plans changed. He ended up going to college, at nearby Muskingum College (now Muskingum University), where he met his wife, Helen, and where he learned about another opportunity to serve. That program was the Seagoing Cowboys — a group of men and boys who came together after the war, to help ship horses, cattle and other livestock to war-torn nations — so that those countries could rebuild its herds.

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Heifer Farm teaches sustainable ways to end hunger

Christian Science Monitor

The Heifer Farm model for transforming lives doesn’t involve vast, undulating seas of corn, or “factories” where formerly free-range animals live in a confined environment in order to more quickly become meat. Instead, Heifer’s is a gentle, small-scale approach – one that’s been used to improve living standards in scores of countries for 70 years.

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Bringing Men Into the Fight Against Gender-Based Violence

Voice of America - Khmer

The project has been implemented by Gender and Development for Cambodia (GADC) and Heifer International Cambodia for the past three years. GADC executive director Ros Sopheap said it had proven effective in changing men’s attitudes to their family’s socio-economic situation. “Through the activities, we help men realize the importance of their roles in working hand in hand with their wives to build a better livelihood, and that creates changes in their attitude toward the division of labor,” she said.

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