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What To Get Someone Who Really Doesn't Want Anything!

My Fab Fit Forties

I am a weirdo. I like Christmas & all of that, but I'm someone who really doesn't need anything - so it's awfully hard for me to come up with things I want. I'm sure it's frustrating for my Husband because it took him a looooooooooooong time to figure out that I really mean it when I say I don't want anything for myself.

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Questions to Ask Before Giving Your Clients a Holiday Gift

APC - Able Printing Co

It’s almost that time of the year. That magnificent day we get to sit around a table, cram as much turkey and mashed potatoes into our tummies as possible and sit back with that top button unlatched chatting with family and friends. All the while pondering what we’re most thankful for, namely the people surrounding your table.

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Ending Hunger in Caring Communities

Transcend Media Service - Solutions-Oriented Peace Journalism

When people care about one another’s well being, and do not exploit one another, people don’t go hungry. This is true even where people have little money. The challenge, then, is to find ways to increase the caring.

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Gift Different This Holiday Season through Heifer International

CNN iReport

Heifer International encourages you to gift different this holiday season by looking into an alternative giving option. Heifer International provides living gifts of area-appropriate livestock and training in environmentally sound agricultural practices so that families in need can lift themselves out of poverty and become self-reliant. Join us in the effort to help spread awareness about the joy of giving an alternative gift.

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Heifer International Assessing Projects Hit by Typhoon Haiyan


An assessment team from Heifer Philippines made contact with Heifer farmers in Ormoc, Calubian and Leyte reporting no loss of life from project families but significant or complete damage to homes and crops, and loss of livestock.

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From Whence Cometh Your Food?

The Burrow

Brenda Starr and I went for a walk on Saturday. We didn't know that we'd end up amidst farm animals and a squash arbor. Heifer International was there, showcasing cow poop and insect cookies.

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US Christian Groups Say Typhoon Haiyan Survivors Desperately Need Prayers, Help

The Christian Post - CP World

A week after Super Typhoon Haiyan killed 4,460 people and displaced over 1.8 million in the Philippines, American Christian groups working with their local partners are calling for prayers and financial support amid tragic stories of loss and a severe scarcity of food, water and medicine.

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A gift that gives in return


One of my favorite gift-giving ideas is a program called "Gifts from the Heart" or "Alternative Christmas." This is a program that has been going on at First Presbyterian Church for a number of years that the Missions Committee of the congregation makes available for people in the community.

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The Best Possible World

I recently experienced a day and night as a Zambian refugee. My company sent a small group of us to Heifer International Ranch to consider our obligation as leaders to those in need. It worked. I

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Send money, not 'stuff'


The outstanding charity Heifer International gives livestock to people in need in various locations around the world. When it was first founded, the idea was that animals would be raised at a big ranch in Arkansas and then shipped around the world to where they were needed. But the charity soon found out it could have much more impact by buying the live animals in or near the area where they were to be used.

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