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Comedian plans to Jet Ski from Chicago to New Orleans for charity

The Times-Picayune

Later this month, comedian Kurt Braunohler will embark on a mission that he suspects may be "the dumbest way to make the world a better place."

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InterAction, USAID Sign Landmark Agreement on Global Food Security


In a major effort to accelerate progress in the global fight against hunger and malnutrition, NGO alliance InterAction (of which Heifer International belongs) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) have forged a first-of-its-kind agreement designed to leverage the unique assets of NGOs for greater impact.

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Effort underway to revitalize 'Arkansas Grown'

Yahoo! News

Another approach is a pilot project led by Jody Hardin, who is working with Heifer International's Seeds of Change Initiative to create new market opportunities for small Delta farmers to market organic produce directly to central Arkansas consumers.

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Cash Crop: Farmville Raises One Million to Feed the Hungry

NBC News

Virtual farms on Facebook are raising real food for the needy this holiday season, with "FarmVille " charity drive. Players looking to light up their imaginary homestead with seasonal decorations by purchasing FarmVille's "Holiday Lights" expansion pack had the option of earmarking the amount for hunger relief charities such as Feeding America and Heifer International. And with more than $1 million raised via the "farm coins" players earn within the game or purchase with real money, it's been a very bountiful harvest.

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What if Bill Gates was Your Secret Santa

Yahoo News

A Reddit user named Rachel got a huge surprise this week when she learned that the "Bill" who was her Secret Santa in the site's annual gift exchange was, in fact, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

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Microsoft Boss Donates Cow via Secret Santa Programme

BBC News

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has donated a cow as part of Reddit's Secret Santa gift exchange programme.

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Creative Charitable Gifts for the Holidays


At Heifer International (heifer.org), you can buy an animal, such as a pig or llama, for an impoverished South American family. Seriously, imagine the look on your mother's face when you tell her you've bought her a goat. Just before you're banished from the house, you can offer up the remaining details. And if you can't afford to spend $250 on a water buffalo, you can - again, in your friend's name - buy a part of the water buffalo for $25.

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Heifer International

UCA Professional Writing

There are a number of professional writers who roll out of bed every workday ready to write good. Right now you’re probably saying, “People do things well – not good,” but you’re not exactly correct. Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr. all devoted their lives to doing good—that is, they actively worked to better the lives of others. In a similar manner, Heifer International’s writers arrive at the nonprofit’s Little Rock headquarters each morning prepared to collaborate with co-workers from all around the world in an effort to eliminate hunger and poverty.

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Make Your Holiday Game Time Count With Zynga and Heifer International


Heifer International, an organization working to empower millions of people to raise themselves up from poverty to prosperity by providing multiplying sources of food and income such as livestock, seeds, trees and training in sustainable farming, today announced it is partnering with Zynga Inc. (ZNGA), a leading provider of social game services, for the second annual Oh, What Fun! in-game charitable giving campaign.

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Gifts That Reflect the Spirit of the Season

New York Times

THIS holiday season, instead of giving your mother that instructional video on twerking that you think she is pining for, what about giving her something that will really make her dance?

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