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Major financial boost for East Africa dairy farmers

CAJ News Africa

THOUSANDS of dairy farmers in East Africa are poised to benefit from a US4 million programme initiated by Heifer International in support of the United Nations’ International Fund for Agricultural Development.

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UN, Arkansas nonprofit launch $4 million program in Africa

Arkansas Democrat Gazette

A United Nations agency is partnering with an Arkansas-based nonprofit group to launch a $4 million program for dairy farmers in East Africa. The three-year initiative between the International Fund for Agricultural Development and Heifer International will set up dairy hubs to help farmers in Tanzania and Rwanda collect and sell their milk. The program will involve 3,850 families in the two countries.

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Clinton praises backers at initiative's final forum


The Little Rock-based nonprofit -- a neighbor of Clinton's presidential library -- helped provide goats to thousands of Haitians and then gave assistance on how to breed, feed and market the animals. Heifer International President and CEO Pierre Ferrari joined others onstage as Clinton thanked the participants and praised their work.

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Research shows Heifer International ‘cow’ program does make a difference

Talk Business & Politics

Can Heifer International’s gift of a cow really change a life? Yes, say two professors who studied the model in Zambia and found that families receiving livestock doubled their daily income while nearby families didn’t change theirs much. Alex Winter-Nelson and Peter Goldsmith with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne traveled to Zambia’s Copperbelt Province and then reported on their work during an address at the Clinton School of Public Service Thursday.

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Arkansas-based farmers' co-op announces new funding

Associated Press

A farmers' cooperative in north Arkansas has received a new source of funding to reduce costs and increase production in the state. Clinton-based Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative, which includes 13 farms, announced Friday that it received a $600,000 loan from San Francisco-based RSF Social Finance.

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When Farms Co-Op, Everyone Wins


Small businesses need support to thrive, and that is particularly true in the world of farming where the learning curve is steep, the risk is high, and if that wasn’t enough, farmers also must to do their own marketing, distribution and administrative tasks to survive.

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East Africa Dairy Development Dairy Farmers

New Vision -- Uganda

According to Dr. Mahendra Lohani, the Senior Vice President, Heifer International Programs for Africa, Asia and Europe, cooperatives will support farmers gain a good capital share out of their investments.

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Building Herds and Improving Lives in the Deep South


Since 2002, farmers have received a total of 527 heifers through the program, which was started with $74,500 seed money granted to the co-op by Heifer International. Heifer International is an NGO that works mainly in developing countries such as Guatamala, Haiti, and Nicaragua, but its larger goal to alleviate hunger and poverty in rural areas applies to several rural part of the U.S. as well. Heifer International has provided support for similar programs in three rural other counties in Mississippi—Covington, Attala, and Wayne Counties

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How to reduce food waste, summer heat


"One of the main purposes of composting is diverting the amount of waste going in to landfills. And that is something you can use in your own back yard afterwards for growing fresh produce”, explains Tom Spinnato with Heifer International.

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"The Sweet Smell of Success" -- Diversifying sources of income vetiver producers of Port-Hi

Le Nouuvelliste

In conjunction with International Flavor & Flagrances, Inc. (IFF), Unilever, and konbite Unit of essential oil of vetiver, Haiti Heifer International launched Monday in Port-Hi, a project to diversify sources of income vetiver producers in this part of the country, including the city of Favette. Through this pilot project called "The Sweet Smell of Success" which should last about 24 months, designers have hit 450 producers.

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