How To Give Without Spending

We all want to give as much as we can, but many times incomes and budgets won't allow for it. If that's the case then check out these ways you can give without spending. Free Rice Free Rice is an online educational game which is run by the

Weekly Article Roundup

Even though it's been a short week at Heifer headquarters due to Labor Day on Monday, it has been a very busy one. This week we have our COO, Steve Denne, along with our Vice President of Central and Eastern Europe, Pietro Turilli, visiting

In Armenia, It Takes a Village to Help a Village

by Steve Denne, Chief Operating OfficerIn concept, a Heifer project is simple: engage communities, mobilize smallholder farmers, train them and provide livestock. Next, we support them in a number of ways and monitor until the project is complete.

Reading Lessons

Today is International Literacy Day. As an organization that relies heavily on training and education for the success of our projects, Heifer is taking part in the observance of a day that calls attention to the 780 million adults who do

Read All About It

Would it bug you to find a cricket in your cookie or an ant in your omelette? On the menu around the world, insects are a cheap and plentiful protein source that's catching on with foodies in the United States. You can read about this creeping

Heifer Armenia: Meet Our Team

As we mentioned in our previous post, Steve Denne, and Pietro Turilli, are traveling throughout Armenia this week. We'll be sharing some updates about their project visits and the groundwork they're laying for the expansion of our anti-hunger