Equality in Agriculture

March 8 was International Women’s Day—a day to celebrate women and their contributions to the world. Despite this global, 24-hour celebration, women farmers continue to be overlooked and don’t receive the recognition they deserve.

Watch: Sofia Arivilca’s Story

This stirring mini-documentary by Ripple Effect Images tells the story of Sofia Arivilca, 64 and homeless for most of her life, building her first home of her own with the help of her community and Heifer International's Healthy Homes initiative.

Kimsara Nurtures Her Community

“I want to help the people from my community until my last breath,” Kimsara said. “I have wasted enough of my time feeling sorry for myself and lamenting on my ill fate. With the knowledge I have received from Heifer’s trainings, I feel strong enough to make a difference...

Daina Mangula: Heart for Sharing and Caring

The value of the Tanzania shilling is steadily dropping against the United States dollar, and the economic sting is being felt by many who fear that this increased inflation may make poverty worse and living conditions even harder. Despite economic challenges, there are people who use the little they...