World Environment Day Round-Up

Last month Heifer staff and participants around the world celebrated World Environment Day by getting their communities together to plant trees, build nurseries, hold recycling contests and otherwise take action to improve the environment.

The Nepal Earthquake: One Year Later

On April 25, 2015, Nepal experienced its largest earthquake in 80 years. The damage spared little, including the homes and livelihoods of thousands of Heifer participants. In the year since, Heifer Nepal has successfully assisted more than 31,000 families in the rebuilding process.

Guatemala's Cardamom Crusader

COBAN, Guatemala—Pablo Moreno’s passion for cardamom began in his childhood, when his parents grew it near their home. As he learned more about the spice’s unique flavor and health benefits, he began to ask himself, Why are we exporting all our cardamom? Why don’t we use it? Guatemala exports more...