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Heifer Guatemala Impacts Hillside Communities

Residents of the 12 Eagles Community and Santa Elena Secacao, Guatemala had become wary of organizations who promised help. But project participants gained enthusiasm when Heifer Guatemala provided training and fruit trees. Now, participants are Passing on the Gift® to more families living in the hillside communities.

Date: Aug 16, 2013  |  Category: Heifer Bulletin

Widow Becomes Role Model for Cambodian Village

Meas Saran was left to care for two children when her husband was killed in Cambodia's civil war. Through Heifer International, she learned about the 12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development and animal management. Now, she is improving the life of her family and community.

Date: Aug 14, 2013  |  Category: Heifer Bulletin

Festive Passing on the Gift® Ceremony Encourages Cattle Farmers

Story by Song Jinpin | Beijing Regional Program Manager | Heifer ChinaPhotos by Wang Jinluo | Volunteer | Heifer China More than a hundred farmers from China's Dadonggou Village slowly gathered in the village square on the morning of May 18,

Date: Aug 9, 2013  |  Category: Heifer Bulletin

Heifer South Africa Helps Families Stick Together

Families stick together thanks to the training and support of Heifer South Africa. The Thusanang Dairy Project supports women and families like Bulelani Ndlovu's to grow vegetables and their hearts for better health and increased income using the 12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development.

Date: Aug 9, 2013  |  Category: Heifer Bulletin