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Milk for Money Project Provides Nutrition and Income for Armenian Farmers

The Milk for Money partnership project between Heifer Armenia and the Center for Agriculture and Rural Development has helped improve the lives of 63 families. The Sevoyan family is grateful for the gift of a pregnant heifer and its abundant supply of nutritious milk.

Date: Aug 21, 2013  |  Category: Heifer Bulletin

Cornerstones Shine Ray of Hope on Impoverished Family

Demetrio Apinan and his wife returned to their hometown in the Philippines in hopes of escaping their impoverished city life. Relatives helped the couple, but Demetrio still struggled to feed his family. Soon, the Apinan family will receive a dairy cow from Heifer Philippines, which will increase their income...

Date: Aug 16, 2013  |  Category: Heifer Bulletin