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Better Life in Kosovo Starts with a Cow and a Greenhouse

The road to Mevlude B�rbatovci's house, just outside of the village of Nakarad�-Fush� in Kosovo, was once a difficult and muddy path, but now it is stable with rocks and sand that Mevlude spread herself. This road describes Melvude?a hard working woman full of ambition and energy, ready to...

Date: Jun 2, 2011  |  Category: Heifer Bulletin

Philippines: Filippino Couple Finds Hope

When Damiana and Danilo Ramos and their seven children found themselves in the midst of a conflict between the Communist National People?s Army and the Philippine government they knew they had to find somewhere else to live. ?We were afraid for our lives and for our children,? said Damiana...

Date: Jun 2, 2011  |  Category: Heifer Bulletin