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Georgia: Heifer Makes Girl's Best Day

Tamta Gogoladze, an 8-year-old girl, lives in the village of Khashmi, the Kakheti region of Georgia. She shares the house with her father and mother, a 90-year-old grandmother and two adult brothers. The main activity of the family is selling piglets, but they provide just enough money for buying...

Date: Apr 13, 2011  |  Category: Heifer Bulletin

Cows Provide Milk and Education in Nicaragua

Julian Sequiera Gomez and his family have been farming the rocky, volcanic soil of Colama for years, coaxing corn, wheat and beans from the fertile but often dry earth. Before Heifer, heads of households had to leave their homes to seek work in other countries. But now project participants...

Date: Apr 13, 2011  |  Category: Heifer Bulletin