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Like we told you back in September, we are working on developing a program for the Sahel—an area stretching from Senegal and Mauritania in the west and across Africa to Sudan and Eritrea in the east—that will transform the way development is thought about and executed in this region of Africa and, ultimately, throughout the world. We hope to do this through a series of collaborative immersive field prototypes, starting in Senegal, conducted with communities and experts side-by-side. 

Innovators and experts from a wide range of backgrounds will participate in week-long field immersions to observe daily needs and co-create inspired, sustainable solutions molded to the natural context.  But how can we move beyond the traditional approaches implemented elsewhere and adapt them to work in this semi-arid region? 

We need your big ideas! Our original deadline to submit ideas for the Sahel has been extended to mid-November. 

Watch the video below to learn more, and then submit your big ideas for the Sahel.

Tell us your BIG IDEAS for our work in the Sahel.

This is an open invitation to anyone and everyone who believes they have an idea that can change the world. 

You can contact us via Twitter @HeiferSahel or on our Facebook page for more information.  




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