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Filiberto Lopez and Josefina Alvarez live in the Andean region of Bolivia with their four children. Before they joined a Heifer project, they did not have the resources or the money to farm.

After receiving training on producing and cooking and getting seeds from one of Heifer’s Partners, the couple began planting apples. Now they are able to harvest their own produce and feed their family health foods such as lettuce and turnips.

Watch the video to learn how Lopez and Alvarez have learned about the importance of sustainable community agriculture in their community.

Filiberto Lopez and Josefina Alvarez discuss how Heifer helped their family to have a readily-available source of healthy food.


Napoleon Calcina

Calcina is an experienced communications professional with 11 years of work in rural communities in both Bolivia and Peru. he joined Heifer in 2013 as the head of communication and technologies where he has helped develop a communications strategy for Heifer Bolivia.