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Right now, the rate of malnutrition in Central America is staggering. In the Alta Verapaz region of Guatemala, 60 percent of the population suffers from chronic or acute malnutrition. Six out of 10 children struggle with malnutrition in the Lempira region of Honduras. These communities face an infant mortality rate of 28 deaths for every 1,000 births. That’s almost five times worse than the United States. But, we can do something about it.

During the month of March, your gift to Heifer International can be matched dollar-for-dollar thanks to a generous benefactor and international partners, every dollar raised for three new projects in Honduras and Guatemala will be doubled. Stretch your dollar further and double your impact to help provide the training and livestock needed by families to help put more food on the table.

Cary Rubelse and Eduardo Najera Gonzalez, Guatemala Cary Rubelse and Eduardo Najera Gonzalez can drink goat's milk to increase their nutrition.
Photo by Russell Powell, courtesy of Heifer International

In Honduras, Heifer is working alongside communities in Lempira to improve health and nutritional food security by 2016. Training in areas like micro-enterprise initiatives, gender equity and sustainable farming practices will help improve production and full inclusion in the community. Farming and income diversification will be impacted by the placement of cows, goats, poultry and bees.

Heifer has started two projects in the Alta Verapaz region of Guatemala to help families to produce more on their family farms through the use of stronger livestock, seeds and improved agroecology.

Gifts of livestock and training provide improved nutrition and additional family income along with the chance for vulnerable children to grow up healthy and strong. In addition, these kids will have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty by attending school.

Elmer and Lisbe Gonzalez Elmer and Lisbe Gonzalez now have the opportunity to attend school.
Photo by Russell Powell, courtesy of Heifer International.

In order to maximize this March match, we need to raise at least $831,000 by generous supporters like you. These projects cannot move forward without your help. Right now, any gift made to this project will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Click here to find out more or to donate.


Kim Nixon